Monday, November 29, 2010

Spa weekend

This weekend my sweet guy had suprised me to take me out for a relaxing weekend to a wonderfull spa.
Some collegues of his reccomended him a famous spa in the smal town of Arnedillo in the Rioja region, called Hotel Spa Arnedillo.
Now looking to the images that i find on google, it looks fantastic, but when we arrived there friday afternoon, we were dissapointed. Inside the hotel it looked outdated and had the ambiance of an old hospital, most of the people that were there were over 80 years old and playing card games.
We had dinner, it was a buffet and it was a massproduction of meat and dry potatoes and some salad.
My boyfriend decided to call up another Spa where we had been before and wich we liked a lot called Castillo de Gorraitz, luckily they had a room available and treatments. We paid our dinner (100 dollars for the 2 salads! but at least they didn´t charged us the cancelation fee)  in Arnedilo and hurried to go to the lovely Castillo de Gorraiz.

Finally bliss! Castillo de Gorraiz is our most preferred spa in Spain. It´s located on a hill and has a magnificent fiew, it a couple of miles from Pamplona, wich is famouls for it´s running with the Bulls in the summer.
The rooms are so cozy luxury and full of little details like Etro soaps, super soft towels and robes and design and custom made furniture. Througout the hotel you will find many pieces of art and a huge open room with a fireplace, many sofa´s and staples of coffeetablebooks of paintors and designers.
The breakfasts are the best and every thing was fresh and homemade, with cut fruits, cut spanish ham with home made tomatosause for on your toast (pan tomaca) baked croissants, juices and so much more...
The Spa is lovely, it´s not huge but it is pure luxury, the different kind of sauna´s and waterpressure fountains and during your Spa time they will serve you fresh cut fruits and water and tea. The masages are done very professionally in nicely decorated cozy cabins and is the best one I have had so far.
And so much more.... and the best thing is that Castillo de Gorraiz is not more expensive than Arnedillo, it´s even cheaper and the quality is 100 times better.
If you are going to visit Pamplona, I recomend you to go to Castillo de Gorraiz.

All images of Castillo de Gorraiz hotel golf & Spa

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