Wednesday, December 29, 2010

chinese style

I am a bit excited that for work I have to fly to Hong Kong in January 2011, after a few days of work I have time free to explore the city and hopefully visit some antique and decoration shops at Hollywoodroad and make photos for inspiration (if they let me, i have heard chinese are not fond of pictures to be taken in their shops...)
It´s amazing to see how much chinese and other asian influence we see in furniture and decoration style today.

Like these chinese gardenstools.

Ginger jars and Ginger lamps, I like the blog of Desig Covet as I learned what the ginger jar
tradition came from.

We have seen these foodogs over and over, but they belong next to the garden stools and ginger jars.

Chiang mai fabric from Living Livelier
Calligraphy brush from Nicole´s blog Sketch 42
Imperial chinese warhorse

Ofcourse there is a lot more....
Is there something you think that should be mentioned in this post, please let me know

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