Monday, February 14, 2011

DIY bulletin board

This weekend I have made some inpiration boards for a good friend of mine.
She told me recently she felt that her office was lacking some girly chic stuff, i remebered she had
3 boring corch bulltin boards hanging on the wall behind her desk and I got the idea to DIY cover them in fabric with nails. I got inspiration from various bloggers who did this before.
Here is the inspiration:

                                This is the Bulletin board from Alaina  - Live creating yourself

                                 the estate of things chooses urban grace desk
                                                           Sara - The estate of things

This is what we needed besides the easy DIY bulletin board:
-fabric (if wrinkeled, iron it before)
-fabric glue
-a stapler
         Glue the fabric, staple it on the back ( you can see my red nails)

    push the pins in, we did them every 5 cm.

    Voila, here you can see one done, and one still to do.
P.s. picture were taken at night and with my iphone, excusez moi for the bad quality of the pictures.

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Amy R. said...

I did this too. I really like how it turned out. A little fabric can make all the difference:)

Amy R.