Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It´s time for Peonies

They are back at the florists, one of my most favourite flowers.
I mixed 3 colours together (but the fucsia/coral colour is gorgeous) and placed them in my
Moet & Chandon Champagne bucket.
 These buckets are so multifuncional.


Unknown said...

ahhhh! so so beautiful. One of my favorite flowers. I can't wait for them to bloom in my garden! They looks great in your bucket:)

Jessie said...

Your peonies look really gorgeous! It's one of my favorite flowers besides tulips and sunflowers. I really love the fuchsia ones, their colors are so vibrant!


Lily said...

Soo gorgeous. Peonies are my absolute favorites !!


Ana Antunes said...

Lovely, Chantal! Peonies are my favourite flower! I just planted some in my summer house garden on sunday! hoppe they will turn out right. Take care

Iris (Irideeën) said...

Zo mooi.. Ik zag ze enkele weken geleden al, maar toen vond ik het nog te vroeg. Nu kan ik er niet genoeg in huis hebben, het is PIOENENTIJD!!!

natasha {schue love} said...

Gosh, peonies are just my all time favorite! These are gorgeous!

Nuha said...

I love it! And they look so pretty and rustic in the bucket :)