Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post with no images

Hmmm, I couldn´t post today, I wasn´t able to upload pictures!
I LOVE to post something different everyday, and I do not have any drafts saved waiting to be posted,
I write something everyday, depends on my moods and inspirations.
But BLOGGER makes blogging difficult sometimes...
Does someone experienced the same problem, or do you know what to do?
I´ll try it later again.
Love Chantal


Holly said...

I had something prepared but couldn't post becuase of the photo upload problem! Apparently lots of Bloggers are dealing with this. Here's to hoping it's fixed soon!

Inês Pereira ( said...

Yes Chantal... It happened to me a few weeks ago.
I wished I could post everyday, but my life was crazy these weeks.
But today I am happy... I have restarted! :)
I am addicted to blogging... is it a new disease?

Moddy Bee said...

blogger is LAME sometimes!!
good luck girl!! i'm about to write a post..i sure hope i don't have problems!!!