Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vintage faux bamboo pagoda chandeliers

Yes I have found them, not one, but two! Searching Ebay dit got me these 2 babies and I am over the moon happy, so happy that it got me recovered from my fever too.
These two faux bamboo chandeliers are for the nursery, that soon is to be decorated.
picture taken with my iphone

On this picture you see a similar one to the ones I bought and a bigger version.
I have to admid that not only finding them was a joy, als the Ebay seller was amazing, the best service possible, so big thanks to you Raudy! He has had some cute vintage stuff for sale if you want to check out his shop for a mid century light tole and a unique heart shaped tufted bed.
I will ask beau boyfriend to spraypaint them white for me.
Soon more to come...


PinkCoffie said...

Those look super gorgeous! Both will look good in any room! I would probably put them in my office as in the pictures above ( great inspiration ) ;) have a great weekend! Much love, ox

- Urska @ Live.Create.Inspire

Unknown said...

Oooo those turned out fantastic! Great find!

Caterine said...

I like them!! where are you thinking to place them?