Monday, October 1, 2012

Color me happy - beach house

This is a beach house designed by Mona Ross Berman that I discovered over at a the lovely blog House of fifty. The colors, design and the fact it´s a beach house makes me long for even more. Maybe it´s the longs days I am behind my desk at the office that i need some time out. I do not want to bother you with my thoughts, I am thanking god that I have a very successful business here in Spain, even if I can´t speak for everyone here in Spain, but I am also making long days here, to make sure everything goes and stays well. I am going to print these images and hang them near my desk. I have a pinboard with all things I want to set as a goal and reach in my life. If you visualize them and work hard for it, you can realize it. 

Even the goyard bag is a part in the decoration

How about that view? I can see myself having breakfast eating cereals...

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Renata said...

It's so beautiful. I love color in decoration.