Friday, December 14, 2012

Our trip to London

How pretty is London, especially during Christmas season. We had a wonderful time, and the weekend went by so fast that I have to make an other trip in a near future. 

Mr Beau, with his hat he looks like a cute farmerboy. It´s nice to spend the weekend in Casual clothes as during the week it´s mostly business suits.

Som yummy goodies for on the way..

Chloe Alberry, great shop on portobello road. For me Portobello road is one of the main reasons to visit London, I love to treasure hunt, and bargain with antiques dealers which you have so many of here in London.

A nice hot coffee and a piece of home made pie to warm up after a cold rainy day.

This was heaven, and vintage/ antique shop filled to the brim with vintage jewelry...  ofcourse I couldn´t leave without a nice pair of earrings.
Love you London!

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