Monday, April 22, 2013

La Fiorentina by David Hicks

Absolutely my favorite fabric: bold & geometric patterned. It turns any room into a chic and sophisticated room. The black and withe pattern is my favorite, but it comes in a sever color options.

Above two pictures are of Erica Bretchel´s home, the talented mom, blogger,designer...this girl can do it all and so well. Please visit her blog Small shop studio. I think that when I saw her home for the first time I had to have those pillows.


House@heart said...

I love this pattern and the colour combo, as well!! I don't have a David Hicks fabric, but for now I will settle with an Ikea pillow cover that I plan to use the armchairs in the living room!!

myrna said...

I have throw pillows in this fabric and its definitely my favorite :)

ZĂ© Pedro Rodrigues said...

I really like patterns geometry, a detail that makes all the difference! :)