Monday, May 5, 2014

Emil Stejnar Starburst Chandelier

I am officialy an owner of this beautiful chandelier. I picked it up after doing some research on the internet. The seller, Edwin, had this one for sale as he already has a few of them installed in his house. I have been in LOVE with this vintage chandelier since years. Above picture is the clothes designer Betsey Johnson.
I am imagining various option where it could be. Maybe above a bar extension of a coocking island, or above our bed or dining tabe. Endless possibilities.
This lamp was designed by Emil Stejnar in 1950.
Many of these chandeliers are for sale on First Dibs

 This image comes from my most favorite blog Made By Girl, Jen the author visited the Kate Spade Boutique in NYC and they hace these chandeliers in their window display.

I wanted to thank Edwin for selling this chandelier to me, he was very patient as I could pick it up 2 weeks later. Edwin is a graphic designer and his wife Angelique is interior decorator. I have to say, it was one of the best decorated houses I have ever seen in my life! If you need a graphic designer or interior decorator, don't hesitate to contact them. 

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