Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lázaro Rosa Violán coral vase of Norman Trapman

I have heard about Lázaro Rosa Violán for the first time at Paloma´s Dolce Vita blog, he is a Spanish interior designer that has done some amazing work, have a look at his website.

Lazaro and his beautifull Weimaraner dog in his Barcelona apartment.

Something in this picture caught my eye, those aqua blue coral lamps looked familiar to me.
I have got a similar one in white.
It´s actually a vase that Lázaro turned into a lamp.
They are designed by Dutch designer Norman Trapman, have a look at his website.
Norman trapman makes more nice design vases like these:

I have bought my vase in Amsterdam a few years ago in a great decoration shop called
Pols potten
If you go to visit Amsterdam, I recomend you to reserve some space in your suitcase before visiting this shop.

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