Friday, January 14, 2011

Ni Hao

Hello gorgeous girls and man!

Hong Kong was amazing! Thanks for being patient, i was unable to blog, it was hard to get free wifi.
I tried to do as much as possible in a few days, but I have to say, it´s a city oportunities, and I wouldn´t mind if my partner was send out there to live for a couple of years.
I was able to ride the starferry between Kowloon (mainland) and Hong Kong Island, wich they only charge you 2 HK dollard for, something like 0.25 USD! Amazingly nice for almost nothing.
It was also great to take the funicular to victoria peak, it had amazing vieuws of of the harbour and Hong Kong city, especially at night. That same night I had dinner at a retaurant that was very near, and it´s called The peak lookout, very nice to go there for a romantic dinner. I had a nice glass of wine and seafood that made me forget that I was alone...
Lan kwai fong is the name of the nightlife street, I checked out Insomia bar, I took a couple of drinks with business partners, i noticed almost all bars have real musicians playing and singing. Great ambiance.
Soho (south of hollywoodroad) is full with restaurants many with international cuisine, there you will find the mid levels escalator, the biggest covered escalators that excist. It´s very handy to move up or down hill.
I also have been checking out Tsim Tsa Sui, very touristic shopping streets (nathan road) but I got agitated by men that try to sell you stuff and handmade suits.
I did went to a teashop that was called The best tea house, and was able to buy some great tea´s.
A sweet lady that worked in the shop called May, took her time to give me a mini cursus chinese tea´s we sat for one hour trying many different tea´s.
I bought:
Tea of the emperors, yellow goldtea buds (oolong)
silver tip tea (white tea)
Tea kun yang (one of the best that excist)
Lychee tea ( a feminine sweet tea, lovely)
These make great gifts for friends and family.
Along Hollywoodroad (and cat street) are many antique shops, good ones such as Oi Ling and conoisseur art and many others. A shops called Tree, an chic eco decor boutique, was worth to visit. It reminded me a little of West elm, but different.
A lady recomended me to go to Shum Shui Po, where there are many shops that sell wholesale fabrics.
I didn´t had the time, but knowing that almost everything is made in China, perhaps you can find good deals.
IFC mall was big and impressive, great for shopping if you want to spend on designer brands.
They had a nice shop called Lane Crawford, it´s a shop for clothes, shoes and jewellery, but they have a nice area for decor stuff. In that same mall Agnes b. had a nice concept store too it had a parisian patisserie inside the shop!
The last day I visited the ladies market and the goldfish market. Very nice to score some touristic goodies to bring back home.
Next time I was recomended to visit the big budda, next time....Hong Kong stole my heart.
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