Thursday, March 15, 2012

Top 5 baby & mommy products - first month

My sweet Matteo making a Spanish siesta.

My top 5 baby products that I have been using a lot in these 3 weeks that I wanted to share with you.

1. Bednest, a beautifull designed co sleeper that is next to our bed, easy acess for night feedings and to comfort your baby when needed.
2. Aden and Anais products, absolutely love all their products especially their muslins as I wrap Matteo in it and he loves it!

3 Medela products: pure lan cream and breastmilk pump

4.Best tip and secret I got from a mother of five, beeswax nipple covers, they help you prevent nipple damage made during breastfeeding. You were them during the day and you take them off during breastfeeding. I think thanks to these covers, breastfeeding for me is a nice experience. Maybe it´s something spanish as I have never heard from them before and i can´t find any information in other languages like English.

5. Delivery gown from Etsy seller Labour of Love, I felt pretty in these gowns during my stay in the hospital.


Belle Inspirations said...

Congratulations! Matteo is just beautiful, a precious gift, you have been blessed, my little man is now 7mths old, how time travels. I'm loving that bedrest what a great idea. Have a Beautiful weekend xx

Anna White said...

Hope you are enjoying this magical time ; ) Those bees wax breast shields have me entrigued..I have never seen anything like it. I am using Lanisoh cream on mine to keep the soft and little Noah is one VERY hungry boy and latches on for dear life : )

Shannon said...

Your little guy is beautiful!

I love that delivery gown, perfect baby shower gift!

Ines Pereira said...

Beautiful baby... angel's nap!
Great tips. I have also used purelan and a beautiful delivery gown is great to make us feel pretty.
Keep enjoying this wonderful stage.
A big hugh from Portugal.

a2zbaby said...

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