Thursday, April 26, 2012

Matteo turns 2 months

Our baby boy Matteo is turning 2 months today. It´s amazing how time flies. Every day we get to see something new, he started to smile last week, grabs things with his hands an he also likes to say something back in his babybrabble when you talk to him. Daddy Beau came up with a few nicknames for him ´Pelo Punkie´(punkie hair) as he lost a lot of his hair on the sides and has most of it on top of his head. Mate-ito is another nick name, as he makes it sound a bit Japanese. He sleeps almost throught the night and during the day he cries only if there is something going on. I am absolutely in love with our baby boy!


Ana Antunes said...

My Dear Chantal! I'm so happy for you and your gorgeous Mate-ito! I got the most beautifull postcard in my mail today. You are awsome! I loved to receive it in my mail. Thank you! I gotta go visit you sometime and hold that cute boy before he gets too big!! Love and Cheers to you all and take care.

Unknown said...

Ahh! He is so sweet! At first glance he looks just like you!

Anna White said...

Chantal...Matteo has such an angelic happy face...and your eyes for sure. So happy to hear you are enjoying your beautiful baby boy x