Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vintage enamel sponge holder - Amsterdam

Hello, hello, sorry for the radiosilence. I am currently in Amsterdam spending time with family. I had to work hard last week to finish all errands before flying over to Amsterdam. I am here with Matteo and left mr. Beau home to let him work and make the money. We have celebrated my 31st birthday and his 1st year ( Matteo has his birthday the 26th oficially)
Many things I have done since I arrived here last weekend, got many nice DIY projects cause I have been buying more furniture...yes really, our house is already full, but as we are planning to move to a bigger place we need more furniture and I am collecting them now already hihi.
Above picture is an vintage enamel sponge holder, for those big yellow natural sponges... I came across this picture a while ago while browsing Martha Stewart's website. Martha Stewart collects these vintage enamel sponge holders and soap holders. I spotted mine during a flea market, first time ever I see one of these, they are quite rare. I am amazed it comes in such good condition, no flaws or chips missing. Mine is the picture below. My iphone takes poor quality photos lately...sorry for that
I am going to use our vintage sponge holder for the same brushes and scrubbers as Martha does.

So where is that damn good flea market...It's called Ijhallen, and it's located in the north of Amsterdam in a huge old ship building factory. It gives a nice vintage feel to the ambiance. If you go by public transport, it's nice to go from Central station and cross the river by a ferry that takes you there. It's a flea market where everyone sells their old stuff, a lot of clothes and also many vintage vendors. It's only held once a month, check their calender here.

These old class posters, are nice as wall decoration, search well and you'll find one that matches your interest.
Matteo and me comfortable dressed against the cold weather.
Lovely to be back home...

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