Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Girly stuff

If you are a guy, please come back another day, including my dad who reads my blog, really this post you do not want to read.
There are so many things I want to write that are not related to interior decoration, baby and travel. It´s about girl stuff. I came to an age that things are changing, i am getting older and have some useful tips for you younger girls to prevent certain things and for older girls to make a beneficial change.

Let´s talk about boobs, tata´s, titi´s, whatever you want to call them.... Please invest in the best bra´s you can find even thought they are not so pretty. They need to be your size as you are today. Boobs change shape and volume during your life, especially if your weight goes up or down, and you will have many different bra sizes during that time. With one it changes more than others, but please keep in mind that you have to look critical towards yourself.
A good bra needs to give best support, be comfortable and shouldn´t show underneath your clothes.
As with good support I mean to keep those tata´s tamed, they should not bounce too much as you are walking, and during sports they should be strapped in as much as possible.
Skin is elastic to a certain point. If I stretches more than it can handle, stretch marks will appear.
As skin is a bit elastic, bouncing boobs will cause them to sag in a later stage. That is something you want to avoid.
During and after pregnancy your boobs can change quite a bit, but if you have a good supporting bra, you can avoid permanent changes.
Once in a while scrub them with a mild facial scrub and apply face mask, it will work wonders. Treat yourself with a nice full body massage and don´t forget the tata area.

My favorite bra´s that work for me:

tata tamer from Lululemon. Just look at the pics and you will understand this is the queen of all sport bra´s

For everyday use, I absolutely love the Avero bra from Marie Jo,
have them in many diferent colors. These bra´s give the support, are comfortable, pretty and they don´t show underneath your clothes, an absolute winner! 
Take good care of your tata´s! Tataaa

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caitlin said...

That's sage advice; Always take care of the girls!
Love your blog, btw.