Friday, September 2, 2011


A clean and organized house makes a good base for a happy home. Sometimes a busy mind or stress reflects a chaotic home, that at least is in my case. Make time and joy to get your house organized. Put some favorite music on, and don't worry for your neighbours come knocking at your door, and get motivated to see the end result.

The best way is not bring so much stuff in to your home in the first place, are you going to use it all? Sometimes we drown in all the stuff that we want to keep. Today organized one of my rooms that has a big closet, i did manage to fill 8 garbage bags with stuff to donate and others with garbage.
That made me feel good, or are those the hormones doing their thing?
Anyway a good way to get me started cleaning is looking at pretty pictures of other homes.
Like these pretty vignets for example, it makes me want to get the same result.

Now my house is clean, gotta go buying some fresh flowers that will be the cherry on the pie.
Enjoy your weekend!

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Shannon said...

I get so torn between wanting more stuff...and feeling like i have too much stuff!

(that's partly why I am hosting a giveaway of some perfectly wonderful things! Because I don't NEED to have so much muchness, or do I?)

Drop in and enter the draw for some vintage milk glass!