Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Queensday 2012 in Amsterdam was a lovely hot and sunny day, it was great to party and mingle with orange dressed people. It's a perfect day to be happy and act crazy. Queensday is a day we celebrate Queen Beatrix her mother's (Juliana) birthday, and it's a day that everyone is allowed to sell their old stuff, it's like a big open air flea market. I bought some new children books for the library I am creating at home.

My friend Engel, sold her stock of jewelry and did good business that day. Matteo was either in the carrier bag or his stroller depending on his mood.

My Mom caught me dancing with Matteo on the Jackson five song..

Proud grandma giving Matteo a bottle

Matteo is keeping his blue eyes, that he inherited from his grandmother

It was a perfect day!

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Liquids and Solids said...

Like your blogpost!!! Very happy that you came by my stand :-)) xoxoxo