Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I wish..... - Campaign dresser and faux bamboo mirror

I wish i could find a campaign dresser, I am so in love with them...i never saw one out here.
Also like the striped walls and the vintage mirror.
And we all know this image from Lonny, I had to post about it...again.
And what about that faux bamboo mirror? The dresser + mirror are like a perfect marriage!
My friend Bri from you me and a wiener found one for $ 12.
Yes, miracles still do happen wile brouwsing thriftstores, yard sales and fleamarkets.

Oh so in love


modern jane said...

AWESOME find!!

annie said...

Great find and LOVE the new header for your blog! Beautiful style and gorgeous color! love the reflection of the flower on the box too!

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

12dollars!!!! She had 15 on it and before I could say ill take it she said 12! She drove a hard bargain.

Beau lifestyle said...

Bri: Haha the salesgirl must have hated it so much to
sell it to you for even less that 15 dollars, if you paused
and said, i want to think about it, she might have told you
desperately to just take it for free haha
You are a lucky girl ;)