Friday, March 4, 2011


Tomorrow we celebrate Carnaval here, and we decided to invite friends to come over to our house for snacks and cocktails. Even one of my best friends is flying in tomorrow to celebrate it together. Everybody will be dressed up. Beau boyfriend will be KARL LAGERFELD, hilarious, I just altered him the high white collar, made him wear a white wig with a ponytail, black jacket and shades, hanged him full with fake jewelry and he wears my SKINNY JEANS!, he looks identically (i don´t know if that is a compliment though...) my friend will be Snowhite and me will be a wearing a white DIY toga and pretend to be a Romain, the others I don´t know yet will be a suprise....
After the weekend I will post pictures of our transformations.
Inspiration for my boyfriend:

I like those black and white frames, Happy weekend!

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