Tuesday, March 1, 2011

vintage year 60 ice box/cooler

Yesterday evening after a long day of work, beau boyfriend and I went for a cup of wine, but we passed by an funky antique store ( I have to go back to that store and take some pictures, and make a separate post about it, for you to imagine what I am talking about, the store is unique!)
A vintage year 60 silverplated icebox caught my eye, especially the square masculine shape attracted me instead of round usual iceboxes i have seen....and it had a crocodile pattern.
Beau boyfriend picked it up and bought it for me as a suprise, what a nice end of the day.
6 matching crocodile silver plated coasters were included also.
I was looking for coaster for a while now, even considering to buy the iomoi ones, but found them too expensive.
At least I am not more on the hunt for coasters.


Hannah said...

I am so jealous! That thing is gorgeous. Congrats on your amazing find!


Beau lifestyle said...

hannah thanks, yes i was lucky with this, now I pass the luck to you.