Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mad about: TASSELS

Since a long time I love tassels. I used to hang them in on a necklace, as a mobile hanger and on my doorknob.
Finding these pictures below makes me want to add some tassels to my home interior.
This beautiful picture has appeared in many blogs already. It is very balanced by it´s
details, the white walls and the lush green vignette.
The tassels add just the finishing toutch this picture.
This is a good way of keeping of your dog or cat from your beautifull upholstered chair.
A book, a plate and a tassel to make it a piece of decoration just to look at.

Tassel throw, you can place this everywhere to make it instantly cozy chic.

I like mixing classical with modern, this tassel makes the lamp less modern, without it it would look more empty. This picture comes from the blog matters of style