Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last minute Halloween costumes

Maybe your busy with every day errands, or with creating a last minute halloween outfit, or maybe your worried about hurricane Sandy ( I´ll pray for those who suffer from the Hurricane...) Let me at least give you a little smile! I came across this cheap and original last minute costume ideas over at Etsy
Thought this outfit was perfect for single guys...
And turn your bebe into a mini Frida Kahlo!
Have fun.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Gobsmacked by DIY

I am totally gobsmacked by this pretty DIY, Dina from Honey and Fitz, had the patience and the skills to make this silver shiney starry ceiling, inspired by the Osborn and Little Coronata star wallpaper pattern. She tells you step by step how to achieve this pretty ceiling.

Another Honey and Fitz DIY favorite is this string art piece, read all about it here. Sure your hands are itching to make something similar right?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

pumpkin time

It´s friday again, the weekend has started. Soon it´s Halloween, do you decorate your house for that occasion? Our little boy got this super cute pants and onesie as a gift, it´s such a pleasure to see him crawl around the house with the smiling pumpkin on his bum. Matteo is recovering from a flu and also a cold...busy days with a sick bub. Now mr Beau got it too and i have to take care of 2 boys...
Enjoy your weekend and don´t catch a cold!

sexy electic

These livingrooms share the same sexy electic feeling. The black and white, pops of color, art, gold and animal prints are all the things I truly love in a decor. You can´t stop looking at these images as you discover more and more little details.


Friday, October 19, 2012

I am Baaackkk!

Hey did you missed us? Well we sure did miss you! I am back on track, energized and organized...It´s been good to disconnect and reload. Matt has been growing up so fast! He passed his next milestone, he stands up in his crib by himself, and crawls around the house.
I wanted to start posting about our house again, but that is quite impossible with this little whirlwind, he leaves a track of chaos around the house. He found the boxes in my closet where I keep my socks and underwear, and he likes to throw them on the floor for me to pick them up...
I am excited that it´s autumn, these last weeks has been very hot here and I longed for some cool weather. I love that we have seasons...
Look what I bought, a pretty, new, twig table. I saw it over one of my favorite deco shops and they had a 50% discount on all furniture, veni vidi vici...and made this table mine. Mr beau doesn´t know it yet.....It will be a surprise for him to see this table suddenly at home, ha!
I am so happy with it, as it has been a favorite side table for a long while.
I have been doing some vintage hunting as well, and came across this real antique venetian mirror. This is the real deal and not some new imitation mirror. It was gorgeous, but had to pass it up, cause I have a lovely vintage faux bamboo mirror that I have to hang up at home. Pictures of the bamboo mirror will soon be posted.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

under the weather...

I am under the weather, as I gave it all...my business is blooming, my baby is happy and growing but me...I have no energy left and all I need to do is go to bed. The doctor took some blood samples today to see what is going on, hopefully nothing and just tiredness. These pillow letters NAP = me...Not Active Person and yes i need to start napping.
Sorry for not posting the next days, I will use them to get my energy back and I want to come back with a lot of new inspiration for you. Will be back soon...I promise xoxo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monogram necklace

You might have seen them all over blogland, but I also fell for these gold monogram necklace. They are unique as they are first drawn and then cut by hand. I had mine made with the initials of our Baby boy Matteo. If you are interested in one, visit Marinette from Korea, they come beautifully wrapped in a giftbox.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Color me happy - beach house

This is a beach house designed by Mona Ross Berman that I discovered over at a the lovely blog House of fifty. The colors, design and the fact it´s a beach house makes me long for even more. Maybe it´s the longs days I am behind my desk at the office that i need some time out. I do not want to bother you with my thoughts, I am thanking god that I have a very successful business here in Spain, even if I can´t speak for everyone here in Spain, but I am also making long days here, to make sure everything goes and stays well. I am going to print these images and hang them near my desk. I have a pinboard with all things I want to set as a goal and reach in my life. If you visualize them and work hard for it, you can realize it. 

Even the goyard bag is a part in the decoration

How about that view? I can see myself having breakfast eating cereals...