Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The little things

Thank you for your well wishes of our pregnancy, for not turning this blog into a babyblog, I will post sometimes a few things about babystuff.
Today I wanted to share some little things that made my day.
my new gold chain and leather bracelet from Massimo Dutti, wich is my new arm candy love.

New Iphone cover, my Iphone was getting severely scratched.
Yesterday I saw this pretty and simple black Iphonecover and it turned out to
 cost only 2 euros. It made me happy, functionality and price wise.

I bought an Ikea frame for the pretty portrait of my friend Masha.
She went to live in Mexico, where this picture was taken also.
When I see her happy picture, it makes me smile.

This gold glitter jacket from Zara, that will come out handy for my growing belly.
I do want to dress up nicely and try to take good care.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back again...we have an anouncement

Dear all, life is full of surprises, especially for me 15 weeks ago, i happily found out that I was pregnant!
We told our closest relatives in the beginning, but now that we passed the 3 months we can say it out loud finally!
Maybe you have noticed that sometimes i was feeling a bit sick and didn´t blog that day, well now you know why. I started feeling better since a week, the nauseas are disapearing and I am full with energy.
I am happy to read many other bloggers have babies, children or are pregnant themselves and of course I am interested to know about their experiences and advises.

Here is a little image of the baby in my belly.

We still don´t know yet is it´s a boy or a girl, but I can tell you for sure I am looking forward to decorate the nursery!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

friends visiting

Dear all, we have our dear friends Jordy and Shirley plus baby Jocely over for a week since this tuesday, and we are spending quality time together in a house with no internet connection. Even my phone i forgot at home, but Beau picked it up for me yesterday.
Here is one of sweet baby Jocely

Jocely's parents Jordy and Shirley

Beau loved playing with Jocely at the beach!

Jocely with her proud daddy
We had a lovely week at the beach.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY nightstand

Tadaaa...we finally finished it this weekend. This is the nightstand I found along the road a couple of months ago. I am very happy with the outcome, and it costed me only a total 24 euros for the primer, paint and ring pulls. I enjoyed doing this...up to the next!

This (below) is the before:

Friday, August 19, 2011


What to do when you only can afford one roll of gorgeous wallpaper? Well get it if it makes you happy, I will show you some examples what you can do with only one roll.
If you have two little nooks like these, they come to life with such a colorful and fun wallpaper.

 What about these 2 different staircases? I think they add that extra little bit of fun
thanks to these graphic wallpapers.
By aplying your favorite wallpaper to the wall where you have your vanity table, makes it clear that this space is totally yours!

This kidsroom, the wallpaper makes the difference.

This is one of my favorite idea´s, it´s done by Eddie Ross wich I admire.

If you have some more wallpaper, but still not enough to cover the whole livingroom, I
advise you to add it to the toilet or second bathroom.
It´s still a small space, but it makes so nice.

images from pinterest.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank you - Savor Home

The lovely Tiffany of Savor Home posted about my jewelry display i did in our closet, called A organized life. In case you have missed it, here you can read about it.
Thank you Tiffany!

turqouise - what a pretty color

This lovely turqouise colour reminds me a bit of our vacation. The harsh truth, today I started working again, and oh..boy there was a big pile of paperwork to be done!

Upcoming project, I am going to finish my diy nightstand soon, it´s turning out lovely.
I have start reading other blogs, in 10 days I have missed a lot!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

last days in Ibiza

We have spend our last days in Ibiza, and o we are fond of this Island. All our friends recomended not to go in August, cause there are too many visitors, but all I can say that we have had a great time and we feel totally relaxed.

Beach Cala salada

How to attact conversations with strangers on the street... dress like a tourist, buy and drink a fresh coconut, garantee for sure.

dressed up for dinner in Ibiza city

The city has great ambiance at night.

Shopping at the hippy market

Amante beach club, where we had our last dinner. This place is beautifull.
We also visited the Blue marlin wich has no pictures in this post, I'll have to make a post wich places I recomend you to visit.
A toast to Ibiza, tomorrow we are back home.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sluiz store Ibiza

We heard about this amazing all in one store called Sluiz. wich is near a lovely village of Santa Gertrudis.

Sluiz offers home goods and decoration, presents, a clothing boutique, a bar and dining area and more... it was quite an experience to discover such an original store on Ibiza.

They had a wide range of the missoni home collection that I was eying on...

They have so many great items as morrocan poufs, stools and benches, hippy ibiza pillows, candels.... it's difficult to leave this store empty handed.
I especially love the woven straw bags, that you see all over Ibiza.

The presentation of their collection was simple and industrial but o so original.
They had these huge industrial jerrycans hanging from the ceiling.

Their clothes boutique offers great clothes for men and woman.

Almost everything is for sale, it's nice wandering their garden and checking out their garden furniture.

A relaxing moment in the garden with another fresh fruit juice and VTwonen decorating magazine.

Please visit Sluiz on your trip to Ibiza:

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Thursday, August 11, 2011


This proposal came from Beau boyfriend in April this year, so now i have to call him Beau fiance? Just Beau will do as well right?
We are now celebrating our engagement during this holiday.
Beau gave this beautifull 1920 Cartier inspired ring, I feel like very lucky girl!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

update Ibiza

Yesterday was a lovely long day we went to Cala aguas blancas, located on the northeast coast of the Island.

At the beginning of the beach was a professional masagist called Renate, she gave me a great neck, head and shoulder massage. It was a great experience to be right on the beach, hearing the waves break.

After the beach, we took a shower and decided to explore Ibiza center. I took an extra dose of vitamins by ordering a carrot and celery juice at Hostal Parque.

Beau boyfried is always my walking guide, as he plans the way to explore the city.

Ibiza does remind us a bit to the south of France where beau boyfriend and I met almost 9 years ago.

Hope this little update gives you an idea how our vacation is going so far, soon I'll be back home and blog about the wonderfull world called Decoration.
More Ibiza pictures to be continued.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011


The picture gives you an idea how the vieuw was when we went out for dinner yesterday in Ibiza.
Last friday i was struck with a virus in my tummy that left me in the bed for nearly 3 days, i have slept a lot, to get better.
Today Monday is the first day we will discover this Island together.
I can't wait to discover Ibiza's cala's, a cala is a tiny beach, many of them with cristal clear water.
I will post more pictures of Ibiza these days, if you have any recomendations, they are very welcome!
Hope you have had a great weekend!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vt wonen - dutch magazine

I like to read the Dutch magazine VT wonen, and their blog.
I really liked these pictures as inspiration, for DIY proyects:

this is great idea if you can not part with your collection of favorite decor or fashion magazines!