Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ikea hack done - Highchair

our chair

Remember I was inspired by the ikea hack i wrote about here, done by dwellings by devore, well I did it! I am so happy with the result. Chic gold legs and a vinyl monogram purchased in derikson´s etsy shop. The easiest DIY ever done. I am on the run, got to pick up Matt from daycare, will read your comments and reply soon!
the inspiration

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog exchange

Dear all, It´s time to organize, clean up and better yourself. At least that is what happens to me when the sun comes out and I feel the change from winter to spring.
I am going to clean up my blogroll, there are some blogs that don´t exist  anymore and it´s time to add a few new and fantastic blogs.
Do you have a nice blog, and do you post a few times a week, please let me know and maybe I can add you to my blogroll, if you can do the same for me. I want to add aprox 7-10 new ones. I will make a selection, can´t add them all, just to warn you but I will pay your blog a visit for sure.
Let me hear from you and we will talk.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tea Station

Hello! How was your weekend, mine was lovely, it´s great to be back and to be healthy, I am full of energy and I feel I have missed out on so many blogposts! I did nice things this weekend with Mr Beau and Baby Matteo, and had some time to rearrange some things in the house. I am still very fond of the lucite side table I bought in Zara home a few years ago, I had beautiful antique glass decanters placed on top of it, but with Matteo´s fingers touching them, I was afraid he might break them and so I stored them away. Now I use it as a tea station, I drink a lot of Chinese green tea, and these things all together could break, but are not that fragile as antique decanters.

Good quality wrapping paper with snake skin print I have placed underneath the lucite top on my wooden chest, I am very happy with the result.

All pictures taken with my new iphone 5, thanks dad for giving it to me as a present, love you!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lonny magazine

Hello everyone, you might ask where have you been? I have been ill, I still am. Sinusitis, Gastritis, name it and I have had them these days, also baby Matteo was sick and now mr Beau got it too.
I am recovering and happily sitting behind my computer sharing this pretty picture from the march edition of the Lonny magazine.
I am still loving the combination of lucite and gold, snake skin tray, cow hide and that desk+chair, just beautifull. Only thing I would change is the lamp, too granny style for this space.
I like to see how other organize their jewelry

the comination of a vintage table painted in white + woodern modern stool

wihbone back chairs and armchairs at the dining table
check out Lonny for yourself,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Matteo´s birthday

Wow, these days are passing by fast. Saturday we celebrated Matteo´s 1st birthday for a couple of friends and close family. We did little party preparations, balloons, garland and home made food.
Just to give you an idea as I felt a little under the weather and didn´t shoot some pictures during the party.