Friday, October 29, 2010

Our apartment - 3 Bedroom

I have always wanted a nice bedroom, but was doubting a lot about using colours. I have kept it simple, loads of white, grey, silver and gold tones. The mailman delivered the Love pillows from Lush designs and a Nate Berkus hope pillow I got from ebay. The Sun mirror is vintage find.

Lamp is from El Corte Ingles departmentstore, Diptique candle´´Fue du Bois´´, the waterpainting
I bought from a streetvendor in Rome, a Raynauld coral plate and the silver roses vase was a gift.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love reading about other peoples DIY proyects

The girls of the maters of style bog are such good thrift store searchers, I enjoy reading their blog, its true inspiration and makes me wanna find and make something too.They found a faux bamboo headboard for 5$ see the pictures before and after.

seriously.... I think I have crush on anything of faux bamboo.
Did you do a similar proyect?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ikea fabrics

I wish I could run to Calico corners everytime I needed some fabrics, but because we don´t have them over in Europe I have to search other options.
During my hunt for a sheepskin in Ikea (they are great and cheap!) I looked at their fabric section. I really liked the SNOA STJARNA at 4,99 a yard it´s a steel.
I made a table cloth from it and i can imagine setting up the Christmas table...
It´s also sweet in a children´s room.

A sereen or colourfull bedroom

I am still doubting how to decorate our bedroom, shall I use colours or keep it simple?
I saved these 2 pictures a while ago, because they are so different, yet I like them both.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our apartment part 2

                             The entrance of our apartment, order the love print at made by girl
Old french books I bought in a little book booth along the Seine in Paris.

I´m very happy with my thrift finds, la tour d´eiffel of glass, a little ceramic owl,
antique brush (comes i handy if you have dogs) a vintage silver plated toastrack
to hold letters, wandering papers and cards, a piece of coral branch painted in white.
The 2 lamps and the lucite tray with a map of london are from Zara home.

This my darlings, is my most favorite secret. It´s a Lampe Berger.
read about it here and search the nearest shop here.
It gives our home the most fantastic subtile smell, it kills germs, and the lamp looks nice and
 is available in many different models and there are so many perfumes as well.
My favorite is lavender at the moment.

Yes, autums makes me wear my boots and use umbrellas.
    I didn´t knew where to stash my magazines, so I made them part of the decoration

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chevron and herringbone floors

When we bought our apartment in Spain it had beautifull wooden chevron floors like this:
Because the whole apartment went trough a total renovation, and the 
rooms were divided diferently these floors were removed, I have regrettet
it for so long, but we couldn´t have kept it.
Maybe one day, another house, another proyect I would like to have herringbone or chevron floors.

Best home inspiration comes from the nature

I was intrigued by these selfmade shelves, I find them really cool.
Not everything has to be a designer piece in your house.
If I find some nice branches one day hiking in the mountains, I will give it a DIY try, but probably I will paint the branches white.

I find these coral hooks from anthropologie super cute, in this picture the hook is used as a doorknop.

I love birds and birdcages in a homedecor.

Banana leaf wall paper Hinson by domino

                                                   Zebra pillows and rugs look so chic
                                        Coral chandelier, again something coral inspired, I am going through a coral fase
                                                           A faux phyton tray table.

What do you have in your house that is animal print or inspired by nature?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Love pillows from Lush designs

These two LOVE pillows were delivered by the mail, i got them in white/lightbrown. I have seen them on several blogs before and I really love them.
Our bedroom comes together bit by bit now, it´s getting more personality.
Hope to post pictures soon, for now I´ll place these other ones.

more information:LUSH

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chic python keyring for your new home, car or office

I made these keyrings, because I wasn´t able to find myself a nice keyring. I found that designer keyrings were overpriced, other keyrings were too heavy, others were just ugly.

These beads are handmade by a Spanish beadmaker, they are made of real python leather and have a
protective glossy layer. Every piece is unique!

If you are interested to buy one, please email me at
I will reply you as soon as possible, and please tell me where you live so I can get you a shippingquote.

Do you LACK too?

It´s true, almost everybody own something from ikea these days.
I keep on seeing pictures of perfectly decorated Ikea LACK bookcases.
I have two of these bookcases in my office.

                                                              orange beautifull

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Portuondo bros. from Madrid

In the Alhondiga (see previous post) this weekend, they organized an antique and decoration show, it was tiny show but I saw a booth hat caught my eye.
They are called portuondo Bros. they are located in Calle Castello 85 en Madrid.
The pictures (again with my phone) are not so nice, as you can not see the details of some objects, in real this booth had some mighty fine pieces.

I like the stapeled trunks and the huge lamps.

The table had a bone zigzag motif

I like the pineapple lamp.


You might say whaaat? Alhondiga is the name of a beatifull building in Bilbao where I was this weekend.
It was build in 1909 by Ricardo Bastida as a stock place for wine. Now this year they finished renovating this building and it was designed by Philippe Starck ( wich is one of my favorite designers)
It´s has many quircky, playfull and different designs as we are used to see from mr. Starck.



inside you can see the floor of the swimmigpool

mr. Starck

Alhondiga has:
A Cinema, Gym, Swimmingpool with sundeck, a chic restaurant, a bar/lounge terrace, a cafetaria, lunchplace, expo´s, a design shop, you can rent spaces for seminars etc.
It´s a great place to visit and hang out.

Monday, October 18, 2010

AD magazine

Just got the new AD magazine, wich is available here in Spain. I find this the best spanish decorating magazine there is.
I took some pictures with my phone to show you what they have wrote about this month.

                                                           House of Lapo Elkan

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bikebasket Carrie from designhousestockholm

Hmmm came across this sweet bike basket, next week I will have my bike here and I want to start biking to my work, isn´t a great basket to put your bag, laptop and your lunch inside?
And If you want to picknick somewhere this basket can serve as a little table upsidedown.
You can order it from designhousestockholm they send it worldwide.

Chic Rolodex

Today I received a package in the mail, and it was the cardholder that I ordered online.
I really liked a cardholder that Potterybarn was selling a while ago, but they don´t carry it no longer.
rough searching on the internet I found one that looked exactly the same. It´s made by 7 gypsies and I ordered it here.
I cant´t wait to attach all trade cards I have to this card holder this weekend.

Ciao Bellas! Enjoy your weekend.