Thursday, April 28, 2011

Office part 2

I keep on finding offices in my files, and probably I a bit nuts with offices at the moment.
I think it´s such a great place to decorate, and if you feel happy in your office, probably it doesn´t hurt thatmuch paying the bills right?

                                                          above 2 images the decorista

Above 3 images Ruby Press via coco kelly
This might be my all time most favorite office, with the iomoi elephant notebook, the diptique candle,
fresh flowers, lucite and pretty stationary.
Soon I'll post pictures of my office wich is getting nice right now, so exciting! luv
*have you noticed many of the offices posted here have a bamboo chair in it*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Erika´s lovely office

                               Office Gallery Wall
I am still in the mood of seeing pretty offices and when one of the blogs I follow, Erika of Small Shop, posted her office I had to share. This girl has excellent taste and has well decorated and organized her office. See that amazing colourfull painting, she has purchased it from Erin Ashley at etsy! Some of other paintings are made by her and her babygirl. I also like her vintage golden mushroom lamp a lot.
       Office Gallery Wall
                          Pretty right? Go and read her blog, she tells you where she got her lovely things from.


Summer favorites

The sun is shining and the time has come to prepare ourselfs for the beach! I have a few spring/summer favourites to show you. My most favorite summer scent, Creed Virgin Island water, is so dreamy and makes you feel you are on holidays everyday even when sitting in your office, you can smell  like a chic tropical holiday with white sanded beaches, palmtrees and with the clear blue water! Can you imagine that?

And for the lips and cheeks I like this colour, Benefit Cha Cha tint, eventhough the best tint is for free...
sunbathing and being happy gives you rosy cheecks and your skin the best glow! Be carefull sunbathing, use a good protection not to get a sunburn or damage your skin.

On the nails an Essie nailpolish, Coral Caroussel.

Panama hat
To protect your hair from the sun wair a hat like this panama hat from J crew, you saw them everywhere last year, I´ll still be wearing mine! Or a nice floppy straw hat for elegance.

I loved this bandeau top of Brazilian bikini brand Cia Maritima. They make lovely bikinis, to see the catalogue here with the dutch model is Sylvia Geersen.

I will wear my beach outfits always with Havaianas slim flip flops, I am addicted to them in the summer.
O summer love! What are your spring/summer favorites?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

lovely work space

Whenever in the mood  for organizing my own office (yes it´s a mess again) I like to look at other pictures to give me inspiration. Like these offices, they are very differeny yet all beautifull.
Some you might recognize, they have passed by at various occasions at other lovely blogs.

I can´t trace back my sources, as these were saved in a file. If this is your picture please let me know.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beau loves Tom Dixon´s copper shade pendant lamp

This one is a favorite of mine, ever since I have seen it on other blogs, I would love to decorate someone´s house with this lamp.
Patric Johansson for Skona Hem
I also like the whitefloor and black cowhide, mostly it´s the other way around and the goyard wallpaper
in the kitchen is pretty too!

This lamp will do in any kind of decoration, as I call it a mad men style, modern style, electic´s so versatile. Also that the colour is copper (and not gold or silver) is attractive.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lisbon´s best secrets

Happy easter! I wanted to share the lovely places and shops that we have been too when travelling in Lisbon. My absolutely favorite shop in Lisbon is: Prego sem estopa, owned by interior designer and shop owner Ana Cordeiro. (this is where I bought my black and white pillow and other goodies)

Prego sem estopa
calcada do combro 36
1200-114 Lisboa

Another beautifull shop is República das flores

A luxury shop that offers decoration, flowers, gourmet and many other luxurious things, you will be very inspired by this shop.

Republica das Flores
Rua do Alecrim 99
1250-243 Lisboa

A lovely hotel that we visited (we took a coffee on their 6th floor panoramic vieuw terrace)
is Hotel do Barrio Alto.

Hotel do BArrio Alto
Praca Luis de Camoes 2
 Lisboa 1200-243, Portugal

This next Hotel blew us away, we discovered it touring around Belem visiting the Cathedral and monuments.
It´s Altis Belem hotel & spa
image by beau lifestyle

Altis Belem hotel & spa
Doca do Bom Sucesso,
 Lisboa 1400-038, Portugal

Then next images are a flower shop with an cafe extension called Flower Power by Carlos Filipe design
Flower Power food and flowers Bairro Alto Lisbon street

Flower Power food and flowers Bairro Alto Lisbon dog flower shop

Flower Power food and flowers Bairro Alto cafe restaurant Lisbon2
Flower Power
Cocada do Combro 2
1200-114 Lisboa

And if you feel like having a sweet something, go to Confeitaria Nacional, a cafe/bakery that excists since 1829, with it´s antique decor and best pasterys you can take a cafe+sweet and enjoy the scene.
                                                                                      Confeireria Nacional
Praca da figuiera 18

Hope you will enjoy these places when you go to visit Lisbon!

Bom dia part II

After arriving home, there were so many household chores to do, ufff, I wanna go back to Portugal imediately! One thing is for sure I want to go back, because i haven´t seen everything of Lisbon, there wasn´t enough time.
Let me post some more pictures of Lisbon

images by Beau Lifestyle