Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Dear Friends and loved ones, I wish you all a great 2013! See you soon much love- Chantal

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas is almost there, such an exciting time of the year. I decorated the house just a bit, but the pictures dont do it justice, they were taken at night with my iphone. I am at a place where there is no good internet connection, thats why I havent been posting often. It's a big adventure and I'll tell about it soon.

With a baby crawling around the house, I have guest slippers saved in a faux python magazine box near the entrance, a good way to avoid street dirt in the house.

I did a little DIY the other day. The painting above our sofa, needed a little makeover, I bought 3 little containers of gold glitters and used 3M sprayglue to attach them to the painting. On top of that I used a coating so the glitters stay put.

An image up close, again pic doesn't do it justice, it's really pretty an sparkly.

The painting before the glitter proyect.

Matteo is almost 10 months, he is quite a personality.
Merry Christmas to all and see you soon.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Our trip to London

How pretty is London, especially during Christmas season. We had a wonderful time, and the weekend went by so fast that I have to make an other trip in a near future. 

Mr Beau, with his hat he looks like a cute farmerboy. It´s nice to spend the weekend in Casual clothes as during the week it´s mostly business suits.

Som yummy goodies for on the way..

Chloe Alberry, great shop on portobello road. For me Portobello road is one of the main reasons to visit London, I love to treasure hunt, and bargain with antiques dealers which you have so many of here in London.

A nice hot coffee and a piece of home made pie to warm up after a cold rainy day.

This was heaven, and vintage/ antique shop filled to the brim with vintage jewelry...  ofcourse I couldn´t leave without a nice pair of earrings.
Love you London!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bold & feminine

Love at first sight, bold yet feminine. I am very attracted to graphic wallpapers, but have my roll of graphic wallpaper still rolled up and stuffed away, one day I dare myself to decorate a wall in our house.

images via and via.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Yesterday we had a National holiday...Mr Beau took care of Matteo early in the morning, playing, feeding and getting dressed, and let me sleep longer. So lovely, I am so happy with my guy, he is such a great daddy. We enjoyed the day together, making a walk and having lunch in our favorite restaurant and in the afternoon we both organized the house.
I love colors, but I also love a soft natural colors like soft greys and white´s.
This desk, the above picture,  says to me: organization, relaxation and nature. A nice cup of coffee or tea, mobile switched off, reading a good book, do some blog posts, being able to look outside of your windows and seeing the trees! Sounds perfect.
Enjoy your weekend tomorrow

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

colorful Christmas by Maria Barros

How about a non traditional Christmas decoration? I was totally in love when I saw this decorated tree (and everything else in that same house) made by Maria Barros. Maria is a very talented interior designer and a close friend of Ana Antunes from Home Styling.

So colorful and fresh

I am a grl that always ha the summer in my heart, choosing bright colors in clothes and jewels instead of dark colors and I see Maria does that naturally.

Maria barro´s book Casa Feliz is om my wishlist for Santa Claus, I hope he reads it and put´s the book under our tree! Do you want to see more pictures, please visit Dolce Vita.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Things that wow-ed my weekend

This weekend we made a stroll to the flower market and got some fuchsia/ruby red peonies, tulips, and gold branches. These gold branches I absolutely love and are an easy DIY to make. With my baby 24 on my arm it was impossible to spray paint these myself and bought them this time.
I am very fond of my antique malachite planter that is been filled to the brim with walnuts. 
Our Christmas tree is up. A vintage DIY spray painted bird that I had from last year I used to top the tree. I chose this white tree as I wanted something diferent. To soften it up I used some gold branches and stuck them in between the white plastic branches of the tree and gold and white christmas balls.
Maybe I add something more, maybe not.
I am in the gold phase, as you can see things added to the decor are mostly golds...I am thrilled with this gold mirrored monogram I bought over Me and belle. Me and belle is an online boutique that makes custom monogram keychains, wall appliqu├ęs, silhouettes and recommendable to pay the shop a visit. I stuck it to the wall above our bedboard. Before we had a Vintage sunburst mirror there but with our baby playing on our bed I had nightmares about that thing falling down, off it went and now finally the wall doesn´t look so empty any more.
Another great change is that I had black ribbon sewed on to a simple white duvet cover from Ikea and now it looks so much more interesting. It has this square design in all 4 corners of the cover.