Friday, April 27, 2012

Nursery and kidsroom decoration

Hello everyone, It's weekend! Yay! Hope you have some nice things planned to do. I travelled with baby Matteo to Amsterdam, for him to meet family and friends. It was hard work to keep him occupied drinking during take off and landing, traveling with a bay is a whole new experience.

Absolutely loved these gold horses against a grey wall. The Horses were found at a flea market and DIY spraypainted. This could be easily done with any kind of funny objects, especially if you are so lucky to get a few of them, and you turn it in to an artwall. This picture comes from the blog The Gold Yelly Bean

Another favorite is this bird mobile from etsy seller Birds of a feather

Fabric covered bakets to hold diapers, toys and knick-knacks

Next monday is queensday in Holland, will make pictures and write about it on Tuesday.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Matteo turns 2 months

Our baby boy Matteo is turning 2 months today. It´s amazing how time flies. Every day we get to see something new, he started to smile last week, grabs things with his hands an he also likes to say something back in his babybrabble when you talk to him. Daddy Beau came up with a few nicknames for him ´Pelo Punkie´(punkie hair) as he lost a lot of his hair on the sides and has most of it on top of his head. Mate-ito is another nick name, as he makes it sound a bit Japanese. He sleeps almost throught the night and during the day he cries only if there is something going on. I am absolutely in love with our baby boy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How pretty can a bed look! Especially the flowers and the pillows add a splash of color.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bloggers Wish List

Hello welcome back, it´s monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend? 
I keep on seeing the same things in Blogland, so i decided to make a new series one a week, BLOGGERS WISH LIST, lovely stuff that is on many bloggers wish lists, in a way we share the same taste in things right?
The pleplum ponte tank available in navy and cream at Anthropologie ( I bought this one in cream and its lovely, and the only purchase of this list)

pretty bangles available at design darling

hand painted lucite tray from Etsy shop Tilly maison

Who said blogging and reading blogs was cheap?  It constantly makes you want to add more things on your ever growing wish list!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Jewelry in shadow boxes

Thought this idea was pretty great! A fun way of displaying your jewelry and keep it dust free!
Happy friday and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 5 baby products -second month

A little update about our little boy Matteo, he is getting more aware of his surroundings and since a few days he started laughing loudly and tries to talk back to us in his baby way, wich is very cute to see.
He cries only when something is going on: a dirty diaper, hunger, colics, but besides that he is a good baby that wants to be held  lot, he is needy for attention. Very soon, the 26th of april, Matteo will be 2 months!
Another top 5 of products for this month
The pacifiers from Suavinex. I love the quality and design of this brand. Matteo needs to be soothed with something, so we are trying to introduce him to a pacifier, the only one he likes are the above ones.

stroller hooks - good for shopping on the go

Reently discovered, French department store Monoprix carries a baby line from 0 to 36 months with lovely baby essentials called Bout´chou. Stock up with this line when visiting france, high quality, nice designs and oh sooo affordable.

Anti colic feeding bottles from Bebe due, Matteo had a lot of colic wich thanks to these bottles is a lot less than before. I also give him 3 times a day a little bit of baby tea from Blevit, that helps the digestion and he loves it.

Bright starts ingenuity portable swing - love this swing. It´s in my office as I already went back to work that´s a good thing of being an entrepeneur, I can take the baby to work. It´s important to have a swing so matteo can enjoy it and make a small nap in it. I try to be as productive as possible in the time that he is a sleep and spend time with him when he needs my love and attention.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY zebra clutch

I loved this zebra clutch when I first saw it. Not willing to pay the full prices, I was inspired to do a DIY proyect real soon. For now I bought a zebra brooch over at ebay and a simple clutch. Just type in zebra brooch over at ebay or Etsy and you see they have many different pretty zebra brooches for sale.
This is the zebra brooch I have purchased for the DIY, the gold tone and the turqouise stones had me at hello!
The clutch is from asos wich is an option, I am still looking for more possible clutches.
Will show the result soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sharon Montrose - animal print shop

A few days ago I was contacted by Sharon Montrose, the photographer of the lovely animal prints that are in Matteo´s nursery. She asked permission to use thephoto for on her site the animal print shop on the wall section, where you can see more photos oh her used in nurserys and livingrooms, even a bathroom...I am really in love with these animal prints, they make a perfect gift!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lamp picks

1. flos skygarden/ 2.coral lamp / 3. golden dandelion lamp/ 4. tortoise table lamp/ 5. tuxedo chandelier

I have a lamp fetish, shoes, no bags but lamps...
Here are a few of my favorite picks right now.
I think these lamps add instant chicness to your house.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fairy tales do come true - walk in closet

Have you seen the sign above the door? I absolutely love well organized closets. This gives me a dose of inspiration to takle mine this weekend. I want to fit in to my old clothes so badly after the pregnancy, so this will motivate me to eat healthy and continue to work out whenever I can.
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

inspiration addiction - the Every girl

I have a new addiction and that is reading the Every girl blog. The Every girl is made by (Alaina from Live creating yourself) and Danielle (from Breakfast at toast) and is great inspiration about career, finance ,fashion, health, living and travel for girls on a budget.

Above pictures are Alaina and Danielle

Over at Alaina´s and Danielle´s blog I stumbled upon the beautifull Jess LC's Wells Collection! I just love these prints & the messages behind them! They retail for $40 each on Jess LC and are 16"x20".
I am very tempted to get one. Wich one do you like?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter holidays in france

This is how we spend our easter holidays, we stayed in a house in the south of france for a couple of days, spending quality time together.
Hope you had fun during the easter holidays as well.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Milan - salone Internazionale del Mobile

I have received 4 invitations to the Salone Internazionale del mobile, from the 17th untill the 22nd of april, in Milan Italy, unfortunately I can´t go but I am curious about how that fair might look like.

If you are planning to go (lucky you!) and you need an invitation please let me know and I can give you mine.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our days

Matteo is growing rapidly as he is a boy with appetite. I am holding him upside down as my dear friend Shirley told me it was good to give some pressure on his tummy to releave him from colic.
I like the iphone camerabag application, I was able to make these pictures look like they were taken in 1974.

It was lovely to have Shirley over, I miss her already. We were blessed with lovely weather.

Shirley and Beau feeding Matteo on the go.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My absolute favorite nailpolish

It´s called Face Stockholm and it´s a nailpolish that doesn´t contains no DPT, Tulene or Formaldehyde and comes in 104 beautifull shades. It´s thick and creamy, with one coat you already can see the difference.
I have colour number 73, I especially loved this colour as it seems to be different colours together. In the light it looks like a hot pink, in the daylight it looks like a purple and at night it looks like a pomgranate colour. I have never been so in love with a nailpolish before.
I have many essie and opi nailpolishes wich are great too, but I had to share this brand and colour with you girls.

This is the exactly the same nailcolour as before (nÂș 73) but looks so different.