Friday, November 30, 2012

A Bust in your home

I absolutely love Busts...only if they look like roman or greek sculptures, because these give a sophisticated feel to your home. Don´t show me busts of a young gypsy boy crying, those will go to the trash. In above picture its a small bust on a pretty vignette, it´s not too overwhelming.

This above bust does, it´s huge, but in an all white interior it  looks amazing.

Not so fond of brown busts, I prefer the from white stone or marble, but I do love those black and white benches.

Above busts are the kind of busts that I prefer.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Matteo 9 months

Our little boy has turned 9 months already. He has 7 teeth and wants to walk most of the time, with our help ofcourse. But I am not suprised if he starts walking by himself soon, the cheeky little boy he is. One thing we love to do is hug...those thight hugs with his arms around my neck, so sweet.
He stands up alone in the bath, cot and with help of the furniture.
 When meeting other woman, they want to show me pictures of their baby girls, or baby nieces and tell me that they ( matteo and the babygirl) make a nice couple in the future... Is this normal that woman already think fo far in the future? I found it hilarious that it happened 3 times already.
We went to London last weekend, hopefully soon i can post some pictures, we had a lovely time, wich I would love to show.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Love - Papier d´ Arménie

Recently I came across this pretty booklet that had a vintage design, it was called Papier d´Armenie (or incense paper from Armenia. Inside the booklet are papersheets, that are divided in serveral smaller strokes. You have to tear one of them, pleat it and burn it in a dish. The original Papier d´Armenie papers perfumes and deodorize cooking or smoking smells in your house in a natural and organic way. This company exsists over a 120 years and it´s french founder came across Benzoin during his travels in Armania. Benzoin is used for Papier d´Armenie, for it´s deodorizing and mood uplifting benefits.
Not only am i fond of the scent of it ( they have many diferent scented paper right now) the design is adorable and petite. It makes a sweet little gift to someone. I am burning a stroke each day and it leaves the house with a nice welcome home smell. Available here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

current wish list

This is my current wish list! Hope you like them too! oops i forgot nº got lost somewhere...
1. /2 ./3. /4. /6. /7. /8. /9. /10. /11.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Toys organization

What about this girl from Beau Lifestyle...lately she hasn´t been posting regulary. Since our little one goes to the baby day care he has been sick continuously, and so am I. We are going to cancel baby day care and figure out something else as thing hasn´t been working so far.
To top off all my healt issues, this weekend I had a salmonella intoxication. We were given lovely wild mushrooms by friends, we made them with an egg omelette and oh my gosh, what a bad, bad, bad experience...Today I am feeling a little bit better, and tossed the remaining mushrooms into the garbage bin, no more wild mushrooms for us no more...
The only thing I have changed in our house is that I cleared the bottom 2 shelves of where we keep plates and dishes and stored Matteo´s toys. He is crawling and getting on his feet and was always attraced to my plates and dishes, so now I turned it into his toy storage. I like toys to be concentrated and organized in a part of the house, and become a part of the decoration, instead it to be scattered all over.
Hopefully I can get things back on track soon and return to my old self again. Thanks for being there for us and your lovely comments!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tiny art

Last weekend I attended an art class for babies and that was fun! Matteo discovered he had an artistic side. It´s so funny to see how other babies interact with other babies, they either can´t get their hands off of each other or the ignore other babies totally. My mom went back home yesterday, It was also lovely to have my mom over this week, sorry for abandoning you guys. It´s when I have family over I really like to spend quality time with them and no time for sitting behind the laptop! During working hours I was very busy preparing my biggest order ever, my biggest customer (with 75 shops!), placed an order and I had to get that order out. It took me 4 entire days to prepare everything according their instructions but thank god it´s send!

Seeing matteo getting his hands dirty doing some DIY, I remember I got to do some DIY myself.
I still have a wonderfull vintage faux Bamboo mirror to paint and hang up.
Soon more to come as my baby inspires me...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

London calling...

Packing my suitcase for...a weekend to London. It has been many years ago since  I have been to London, and I am quite excited to go again. Will be packing my umbrella and big scarfs as it is mighty cold already. Above suitcase is the yellow suitcase from Jcrew, It´s now added on to my wishlist...

Having a hightea...

Hopefully be visiting Portobello market again...

Do you have some tips what to see and do in London? A favorite restaurant or place... Let me know!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Today I wanted to share some coziness with you. The last weeks have been though, Matt has been ill for the last 3 weeks and I have never been so busy in my life before, but the highlight is that My mom comes over for a week, and she arrives today, yes!!! So all I want to do is relax and take it easy and experience some coziness.

Would love to have this in a future house, this for me is heaven..

soft and huge

Many pillows make a space cozy

Hot tea and coffee with a nice soft knitted sweater

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tout La Tour...

I love Paris, and it´s famous La Tour D´Eiffel. I see t´shirts and prints with French words and texts everywhere. See some goodies that make really nice Christmas presents! Really... It´s Christmas in 8 weeks...

Thursday, November 1, 2012


How was your day today? The day after Halloween. In Spain it was a Nacional free day, and mr. Beau and me we had a wonderfull day together with bb Matt. I saw awfull things today on the news, 3 young girls lost their lives during a concert in Madrid yesterday, and seeing what the Hurricane Sandy has done doesn't makes me happy either. I did enjoy the quality time with my family, just the little things I am appreciating now, even more than ever. Getting the lastest deco magazine AD after my friend Patty showed it to me.

Kissing my bb boy, he is such a caracter. I forgot to post his 8 month mark... He's growing up so fast!

Mr. Beau and me, enjoying our free time... I love nacional Holidays, means no phonecalls from customers and spending quality time with loved ones.