Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good advice - life's little instrucion book.

I love my little " life's little instrucion book,
It was a gift from my mom's friend, and i like the quotes
In this book, it keeps you with both your feet to the ground.

Think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures.

Learn to listen, opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.

Commit yourself to constant self improvement.

Begin each day with your favorite music.

Be prepared, you never get a second chance to make
A good first impression.

Marry only for love....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blue velvet crush

Ok, I have been liking blue velvet couches for a while, especially with a pretty nailhead trim, why?...because they are stunning.
I did not had much with the colour blue before, but it grew on me.

I like these babies from cococozy

And one of those graphic pillows, yes please!

This couch I saw yesterday at my local thrift store:

It is a set of three, but i just like the couch, with the wavy back. Maybe now it looks like a
granny couch, maybe it still is, but I think if you either paint the fabric in the colour of the above chairs
and you add a brass nailheadtrim, it could look pretty.
I just have no place for it, so I didn´t get it, I hope the person who buys it enjoys it!
What do you think?

After and before pics - office of thrifty decor chick

Sarah from the blog Thrifty decor chick, did a great of making her own board and batten treatment on the walls of her office. This is the result

This is the before:

What an amazing transformation. Her new office looks fresh, young and sophisticated now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prelle - history of fabric

Ever wondered who is still able to make luxe fabrics for example Ópera de Paris house, Versailles, Louvre museum and Castles? It will be Prelle.
Prelle is a Fabric manufacturer that goes back a few hundred of years ago, they even manufactured fabrics for Marie Antoinette.
When I was a little, my parents took me to visit Versailles in Paris, I was smitten with the beauty of the decor, and since then I liked history a lot, and when to pick out a movie now, many times it´s a Jane Austen, Baroc or middle ages kind of movie. (it´s not fun to see a movie with me, if you don´t like these theme´s)
Prelle has showrooms in Lyon, Paris and New York.
When you are in New York and want to see these ´´magnifique´´ fabrics go and visit their new store:

43 East 10th Street – New-York, NY 10003

I think we should´t ask for the yard price, yikes!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Zara Home Favorites - Dandy chic

These are my Zara home favorite picks,  I saw the tortoise imitation glasses saturday, and they are so pretty, they come in cocktail glasses too. I was in the mood for masculine chic as you can see.


Friday, March 25, 2011

I finally did it...Like for ever

It took me FOR LIKE EVER to finally take the plunge and buy this lovely poster, but i finally did it.
Maybe you are sick and tired to see these images over and over, but I am not.
I am planning to hang it in my office, wich has a lot of white, black and grey and I needed a little bit of an uplifting colour, and i liked the girly pink of this poster. It comes in other colours too: grey, green, purple and turquoise.
I am still much in love with my beau boyfriend after 9 years, and hope we will last for like ever!

                                                            1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You had me at hello

I always love to see a pretty entryway, it´s the first thing you see before walking in to a home.
This one had me at hello, the white bamboo console, with the golden feather wall paper, love it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

See yourself in 100 ways mirror

Yesterday i saw this funky mirror in a shop, i liked it but not it´s pricetag of 695 euros.
As a coincidence, brouwsing Z galleries website, they offer the same one but for a lot less.

Close this window
As my laptop got broken a few days ago, so the next best investment I am going to make is buying a good laptop.(wich also has a good excuse to buy a pretty Kate Spade or DVF laptopbag)
Any suggestions wich laptop to get? Would like to hear your bloggersopinion on this desicion.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Healthy breakfast smoothie from Masha

My friend Masha is a talented and beautifull woman, worldtraveler and photographer.
She daily writes her blog called "Chasing rainbows".
Currently she is in Mexico where she stayed with the Lacandon Maya indians.
Masha also posts about her adventures, lifestyle and healty food.

Mix all ingredients together and blend! 

I bought this booklet today, because reading Masha´s and other people's blogs i come across so many yummy receipe´s and i need to write them down. Thanks Masha for teaching me how to eat right and for your inspiration.

Monday, March 21, 2011

jewelry display galore

This is oh so pretty and such inspiration. I am just not sure if beau boyfriend would agree, me making so many holes in the wall. Love the colour of the walls.
Another post i did on jewelry display in November.

Necklaces hanging from wall knobs
Using diferent or vintage knobs is also a nice idea.

My latest purchase are these vintage faux coral branches, i can use them to hang some necklaces in them.
If i didn´t bought the coral branches and had enough space, I would be making this:

                                                                                 or this:
Driftwood found at the beach or lake serves very good to make a jewelry display.

elephant wicker side table

I am looking forward for one my best friends to get pregnant, so I can help her with decorating a nursery (not that she needs my help as she has great taste herself) But I know she loves elephants, and I was 
     thinking that she might like to have an elephant wicker side table.

Maters of style also decorated her nursery with an elephant side table, I think it looks adorable. She bought hers at Pier one

                                                It looks lovely for grown ups too!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

DIY branch chandelier

I was reading Little green note book, o what a great blog, everytime I read it I learn something or get inspired. Jenny wrote about the chandeliers of Abilene bar of Brooklyn NY, they have DIY made the inexpensive chandeliers themselves.
Stacking Homedepot sockets to create a branch effect. I really love anything branch like from trees and coral, so this DIY got me enthausiastic to do...oh my got so many little projects to work on, where do I start?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book poster - Loving Pride and Prejudice

Anyone who enjoys reading will have a favourite book and Spineless Classics is great to enjoy literature in a new way, as wall hanging art. The whole book fits on a single poster and they have shapes that is inspired of the book. I think this is a unique present to give if you know someone´s favourite book.

When I saw the movie Pride and prejudice movie with Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Bennet and Matthew MCFadyen as Mr. Darcy, I was in the clouds.

how great is this one for a nursery or a kids room.

Japan on my mind

Since the beginning of the Japan catastrophe, i am folowing the news constanly.
It´s horrible that so many people lost their family, friends and homes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A little DIY project

In the weekend I was shopping at H&M eventhough they already sell cheap clothes, I was amazed to find a few pretty cardigans for only 5 euros each. I was inspired to iron some aplications on one of them to make it look a little more special.

I only added the embelishment on one side, it´s a little bit quirky girly, but I was inspired by the magnolia trees that are blooming now in Spain.
Spring is in the air, love it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Can you tell? which is high and which is low?

Reading centsational girl ´s blog, she wrote about style at
they make 2 rooms almost identically but one has a bigger price tag than the other.
Look at these 2 pictures...wich one costs aprox $20,000 and wich one aprox $4,000????



A job well done huh? I like the second picture better and that is....(drumms please....)
the cheaper one of $4,000!
I am hooked, and want to show you more:



Again the first picture costs aprox $12,000 and the secon picture aprox $2,000
Here I have to admid that the painting in the second picture is not as pretty as the first one, I would
rather hang nothing or make something myself...for the rest it´s well done.



First picture aprox $ 10,000 and second picture $3,000


Again amazing, it´s shows that you can make a luxe decore when you are on a budget.
First picture aprox $10,000 and second picture aprox $4,000.

Check more out here