Thursday, September 30, 2010

My New Love - Eos 550d

I am in love since a several days. Who, you might think...ofcourse with the lovely guy that sticks with me for almost 8 years, but other than that, I have a new camera!
I needed it for work and blogging, now I am learning how to use it.
Hopefully soon I can place better looking pictures to this blog.

Monday, September 27, 2010

DIY indoor dog kennel tent?

Once upon a time we had 2 sweetdogs, now these two dogs live with my parents.
So what happened? Really nothing, they came over to spend holidays with my parents and my parents fell in love with them both and they were never returned. I don't mind really because they are in the best hands possible and I see they have a great live overthere with so much nature close to the house and a big garden for them to play in, compare to the city apartment we live in Spain.
One of the two dogs, the smaller one sleeps in a dog kennel at night, he feels safe and cosy in his little home.
The fact is that that kennel is not so pretty to see, it looks like a little jailhouse.
I came up with the idea to make a tent for his kennel.
I bought thin white linnen (so air can come in easily) and black mat ribbon.
                                                        The little jailhouse before
                                                   The white linnen fabric that I bought

                                                         This is the end result

For it being the first time making something on a sewing machine, I am happy with the result.
I need a better camera, these pictures were taken by my mobile phone.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

white piped upholstered wing back chair

I fould this wing back chair in a local triftshop, it had such a sad look and the colour and fabrick were awfull, but i could see through it and imagined the beauty of this chair upholstered in black fabrick with white piping.
It took a few weeks before it was ready, but it was worth the wait, now the chair is in my office.
This is how the chair looked before:
and after:

Other inspiration:

source: 3 men and a lady

The inspiration came from:

p.s. my mom asked me if I knew why these kind of chairs have these 2 bulky parts on top of the chair. I told her that I thought it was for sleeping, so you could rest your head against it. But no, she told me that  the houses many years ago were not isolated and it was often cold and to avoid being bothered by the cold draft they designed them like they are.
Learning something everyday.

Fornasetti plates

I have seen them in boutiques and on the internet, always intrigued to see the silly faces, never knowing wich name they had untill I red about them on a other blog. Now I like them so much that I would like to own one, just one and I promise I will not start to collecting them....

More information about fornasetti:

Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988) is often described as a visionary. A Milan artist, Fornasetti was at the same time a painter, sculptor, designer, craftsman, and an engraver of art books. In his lifetime, he created more than 11,000 objects, decorative schemes, and items of furniture in the course of his unfailingly prolific career, including a large number of unique pieces.
Drawings on a powerful mix of Italian cultural tradition and surrealist invention, his ideas were expressed on every conceivable support, from glasses and plates to umbrellas, lamps, furniture, and screens. The result is a very unusual and highly poetic body of work.
Today his son, Barnaba Fornasetti, is keeping the family tradition alive by reviving Piero’s most popular pieces and creating new ones.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dwell studio

Since a long time I am coveting everything from the NY based Dwell Studio, and anything they make is beautifull! The high quality, fabric designs and the packaging is all done by the founder and her team, wich has such good taste.

I have seen many dark blue walls lately on other decorblogs, I think it's a good colour for the bedroom, and it certainly make this bedding stand out.

This is another favourite, it's a chic, clean look.

This picture comes from the new online Rue Magazine :

The baby bedding they have is adorable.

Check out more of Dwell studio at:

Monday, September 6, 2010

new love: Barcart

I grew up in a house that always had a large bar area, eventhough my father is non-alcoholic and my mother sticks to wine, they found it important that whenever they had guests over, there always would be something that they would like to drink.
I recently bought a lucite traytable at Zarahome, just because it was very irresistably pretty, and made it mine.

This is that Zara home bartable.
The ikat bolw, as seen on many other blogs and magazines, it come from anthropologie, it was on sale for 7,99.
The chest I found at my local thrift shop, its now filled with books and cd´s to avoid clutter in our house. I bought a piece of transperant board, cut it to the same size as the chest so other items could be placed on top of it.

Other inspiration:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Calico Corners fabrics

During my vacation in the states last month, I was very happy to be able to vistit this beautifull store for fabrics called Calico Corners. I have to admit that here in Spain we have many fabric stores, but 98% of the fabrics are so classical or ugly. For me Calico Corners was a breath of fresh air to find graphical kind of prints. I have made a purchase of 3 fabrics at Calico corners for some upholstering proyect in my house.
If you visit the Calico corners website you can download a 20 dollar discount coupon and print it out.
I have to admid that they give the best service ever!

Cross section charcoal was a steel at 11 dollars a yard. Its even more prettier in real! I want to use this fabric for the bamboo armchairs.
This is Diamante in color seamist, probably I will use this to upholster a childrens armchair or make nice pillow.
This is Jafar sunbrella, it was the most expensive of the three, but o so worth it.
I would like to use this fabric for my headboard. In the store they had an ottoman in this fabric, it was gorgeous.

I hope to post pictures of our apartment any time soon, but it looks like its going to be a long proyect before we are anytime near to take pictures.