Monday, January 31, 2011

Jonathan Adler´s chair

In the december issue of AD magazine, they published about Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan´s  apartment. There was one sole chair in his apartment that caught my eye. I tried to find it at his webshop but he does´t sell that chair, but I did find it at Ebay.
It´s called the Brass Chiavari Side accent chair Hollywood Regency.
sorry jonathan, for the bad quality picture I took of you with my iphone, but you can see that chair on the right.

This exact same chair and it´s for sale for $ 49,99 plus shipping.
I have no idea what this chair normally cost´s but If you can buy it at this price it´s a steal.
It´s sooo elegant, and you only need one of this. I can imagine this chair anywhere in the house.
They only ship to the US, so go and get that chair!

The weekend

How was your weekend? I have spend mine organizing the house, it feels great and relieved when you have things in it´s place.
I also was able to go and visit Zara home and found very pretty kitchen towels, they remind me of the Kelly Wearstler imperial trellis print, they go well with my yellow dutch tulips.
I am not sure to use them as towels or turn them into pillows?
Here is a picture of my organized cupoard, believe me it has never been like this before.
I do admire those who always live this well organized.

The big glass bottles on the top shelf,  are of an italian company Bormioli Rocco
and they are called Cuatro Stagioni (the 4 seasons) they are great for when you want to
make your own jam or tomatosause.
I use them to keep my rice, nuts and dried fruits...
About Bormiolo Rocco jars:
Dishwasher safe jars made in Italy. More than two decades ago, Bormioli Rocco , introduced the first 100 % glass preserving jar. The Quattro Stagioni home canning jars include various sizes of jars, each designed with an Italian embossed decor. In addition to preserving fruits and vegetables, the jars are also often used for storing dry food items such as pasta, flour, sugar, ground coffee or spices.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Marroccan pouf



I like to see the marroccan pouf in well decorated spaces. Ofcourse I like to own, one, but our apartment is simply too small, it´s already full with other things I love. I did wander what the history was of the marroccan pouf.
I found out that in the city Kano, a city in Northern Nigeria has long been known for it’s leatherwork.
Poufs, made of tanned goatskin were made here and sent abroad from about 15th century.
                                                           via decorator in a box

                                                             via tied with a bow
p.s. I started following tied with a bow today! It seems that we have a little bit of the same blogging least I wish!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flowers for today

Just wanted to show you a glimpse of my better organized desk, and the cristal whiskey
glass I got fo 50 cents at my thrifststore. O what a happy day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best Closet Post

I almost had my jaw dropped by the post of Erica from Moth Design, she has such a well organized closet, and I found her framed bag wall wonderfull, I thought the frames were especially made to fit the bags but she wrote that they were from Ikea!

Doesn´t this image looks like it came from Lonny or a Elle decor?

So well displayed, it looks like it´s joy to choose everyday what to wear....

I so want to switch closets with her!

1st moodboard

    Made my first moodboard today, purple and red.

Japanese Magazine Baila

I always like to buy japanese magazines in the airports, eventhough I can´t read Japanese,
for me the pictures are great.
Japanese magazines don´t have so so much publicity in them as others and the pages are packed with the nicest cute outfits and the ´´got to have´´ asesories.
This time Baila magazine came with a two nice gifts, a calendar and a mousepad from Kate Spade.

me happy... (picture taken with my iphone- camerabag aplication)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

office of Honey we´re home

I looove to see a neat a beautifully decorated office, i think I am a bit obssed lately.
This office is made by Megan of Honey we´re Home, she has good taste.
her inspiration board, the amazing office desk is from Zgallery and the ´´I love you blogs and coffee´´ print from made by girl.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

beau kitchen

picture from 2 by design

There is something at this picture that I have on my wishlist, wich is the Alessi honey pot!
The honey that we have in a normal jar got all sticky and messy to use, this alessi honey pot, has a type of spoon that is attached so you can drizzle it easily on your breakfast yogurt or tea.
All the other things are very nice also, it´s a nice mix of modern and vintage. I especially like the orange juicer from Philippe Starck, espresso machine and the coffee grinder, hmmmm fresh coffee!

available at amazone

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lars Contzen

If you like busy or very funky graphic wallpapers, than you would like German designer Lars Contzen.
He has designed a collection of the latest wallpaper for home decoration. There are several colors and designs with different motives.

showroom interior design, artistic interior design, artistic pattern interior

showroom interior design, artistic interior design, artistic pattern interior

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lázaro Rosa Violán coral vase of Norman Trapman

I have heard about Lázaro Rosa Violán for the first time at Paloma´s Dolce Vita blog, he is a Spanish interior designer that has done some amazing work, have a look at his website.

Lazaro and his beautifull Weimaraner dog in his Barcelona apartment.

Something in this picture caught my eye, those aqua blue coral lamps looked familiar to me.
I have got a similar one in white.
It´s actually a vase that Lázaro turned into a lamp.
They are designed by Dutch designer Norman Trapman, have a look at his website.
Norman trapman makes more nice design vases like these:

I have bought my vase in Amsterdam a few years ago in a great decoration shop called
Pols potten
If you go to visit Amsterdam, I recomend you to reserve some space in your suitcase before visiting this shop.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Eric Kuster

My favorite Dutch interior designers is the Dutch Eric Kuster. His style is modern and luxurious and he uses rich and warm colours. He started his career in textiles but soon started designing interiors for commercial projects as well as residential projects. Kuster has his own line of furniture and fabrics and he works on projects all over the world and many dutch celebrities have knocked on Eric´s door to have their interiors designed by Eric.


Eric also made very nice books, called Metropolitan luxury and Metropolitan luxury II,
you can purchas them here
Eric Kuster: Metropolitan Luxury Eric Kuster

Sunday, January 16, 2011


It´s great if you have a build in trashcan in your kitchen, especially one that has been divided to trash your waste for recycling.
If you still feel like having a separate trashcan  for glass, paper or other waste, then have a look at these for the kitchen:
Wesco - Kickboy 40Lt Waste Bin - Almond

Wesco - Kickboy 40Lt Waste Bin - Black
                          Kickboy by Wesco

If you go for a Kickboy from Wesco, I strongly recomend you to get one with a pedal, if not you have to push down the waste and dirty the trashcan.

                                     Vipp trash can

                                               And for the office:
      A shopping bag waste basket, for the fashonista

        Another great idea I saw on Emily´s blog of cupcakes and cashmere


She found a gold colour bucket that she uses as a trash bin. Tres chic, dont you think?

Friday, January 14, 2011

My handmade python keyring featured at Jen´s Madebygirl

What a nice suprise, coming back home, checking my most favourite blog and seeing my handmade python keyring at Jen´s madebygirl blog.

                                                           Thank you Jen!

If you would like to own one keyring please contact me at
they come in two colours beige brown or a reddish purple.