Monday, October 28, 2013

Gold accents in the bedroom

I am such a big fan of gold accents in the bedroom. A wallpaper, headboard, pillow or a lamp something needs to be gold. It a warm rich color that especially now in the wintermonths invites you to snuggle up in your bed. In the first two pictures, both gold pillows are from Caitlin Wilson. In the last picture, the golden leaf wallpaper is from Osbourn and little Asuka wallpaper, wich I love!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Printic is fantastic!

This wonderfull Parisian based company called Printic, prints your iphone pictures (Facebook and Instagram as well) at the most easiest way. You need to install the app and then select the pictures you want to have printed and voila, they reach your mailbox in a pretty orange box if you choose the maximun amount of prints. They come only in a one size but if you want you can personalize them too. A minimum of 3 prints, and they cost 0,99$ each and free delivery worldwide.
I once spend 3 hours adding the images to an usb stick and then to have them printed in a store, waisting another 2 hours, it was worth it but now with Printic I can order pictures in a relaxed way, sitting on the sofa or from my cozy bed in the weekends, knowing it takes a few days for them to arrive to my doorstep.
Vive la Printic!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

We are back

Dear All...It´s been a while and if you stopped reading, I don´t blame you. Thanks for the sweet messages from all over the world, saying you missed my posts and worrying if I was all right.
I am getting back to my old self, i think I just came into the most busiest time of my life not knowing how to juggle everything. Pregancy is going well, got a huge tummy already, people think I get into labour any minute but I still have 10 weeks ahead.
Matt is growing up so fast...amazing that babytime is over. He understands everything in Spanish and Dutch, such a clever boy. I hired a nanny, she will be helping me everyday in the mornings with matt and also helps me in the office, untill the new baby is born.
I enjoyed reading this article from the blog Oh joy!
Good to be back love u all!