Monday, December 8, 2014

The good thing of being a blogger is reading other blogs, doing research and fall in love with gorgeous things other people make around the globe.
For example reading Holly Beckers blog decor8, I saw she posted about these insanely pretty bowls and plates from Suite One Studio. White bowls with gold details make my heart skip a beat, and then those that have paintbrush strokes that look like little paintings just amazing.
I do agree with Holly as she mentions that we have to support small businesses! To contribute to this I buy many of my things from Etsy, mostly handmade items and vintage goods. Many of these sellers are one person -or small businesses, people that started their dream making the things they love. And what is there not to love to own a one of a kind item made with love!
Hope you are all are safe and well and have started your Christmas preparations for the festive days to come. Love

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

turtle shell

I have been in love ever since I layed my eyes on the Turtle shell decoration of Kelly Wearstler (she is a genius) I blogged about them here before.  She used resin turtle shells at the Tides restaurant.
I love animals so much, I couldn´t harm a fly, I would only accept having one of these if they were resin or an antique one....
I have seen them while diving in tropical waters, such magnificent animals. I would´t be happy that this becomes the next decor must have item and that people start capturing them for people to have them hanging on the walls. So if you are interested get a resin one that looks authentic or an antique one that is over 100 years.

I like them hanged on the wall or on a pretty stand.

Monday, November 24, 2014

new office needs new supplies

Hello everyone, I have butterflies in my stomach as I am going to move to a new office.
A new office that is a lot bigger and gives me a new start & a breath of fresh air.
Looking for new office desks I have a few to share with you.
I absolute love brass. But as brass desks come with a expensive price tag, I am thinking about doing a nice DIY and spray paint the legs in a metallic gold to achieve the brass look.
This beautiful Ikea hack is done by blogger Just Bella
She used an old ikea table of 49 euros and a few pieces of wood and metallic gold paint.

This gorgeous Addison desk is of West Elm, a little out of my price range but very lovely.

Another favorite, white lacquered and brass legs

crossed legs desk from Overstock

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Boy stuff

Everywhere I go I see so many pretty things for little girls. Having 2 boys and wanting to style them nicely I have a few lovely picks to share with you. Loving Zara's bay and boy clothing. Many luittle details and nice quality things.
teepee (tipi) pillows from Apple white Etsy seller
Butter scotch moccasins from Freshly picked
I have had many mums looking at my kids feet, liking these super soft and durable moccasins.
boy infinity scarf from hobsonvilleco etsy seller

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sliding doors

I am really looking into these DIY sliding doors, so practical for small spaces.
Browsing through pinterest I see a few diferent ways to do it. Barnstyle, or with plumbing tubes (my least favorite) or with a rail system on top ond little wheels on the floor ( i dont like to see rails in the floor)

Great to divide a room, hide a nook, close a pantry etc endless posibilities.

retty right! I adore it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Love the positive message on the office wall! A really good idea to make one yourself in vinyl and put it on the wall for you and you and your co workers.
We outgrown our office and we are currently looking for a big warehouse, so that is quite exciting as
I want a lot of Space. I want a big office and showroom, one that I can decorate to my taste.
My current office is too tiny. Me and my workers are working too close to eachother, for the moment we are enjoying eachothers company, I am very blessed to have such great girls working for me.
Two kids and a good going company is too much to handle some times. I admire all mums that are entrepeneurs as well, It's hard work!
My greetings to to mum Camilla from Effortless Style. She has two adorable sons, spends lovely quality time with them and besides work she has time to make posts for her lovely blog.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Crossfit on my mind


Hello, hello
Sorry for the absence, my multitasking mama skills took over and aaaaah no time for blogging.
Blogging for me is a luxury, wich now September, back to school time is going to be much easier to do. My little guy Matteo will go to school for the first time, he is now 2.5 years ;)

I am doing Crossfit! Its hard, last week was the first time and I was so hurt, I wasn´t almost  able to dress myself. But, it´s addictive, so happy I go again.
I need to get this post babybody back in to shape, and it´s way harder than it looks like.
Gotta go, will be back soon with nice stories of my favorite places in Amsterdam.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ferm Living

Ferm Living is a beautifull Danish design brand that makes things for the home, kitchen and kidsroom.
I fell in love with the next items:

A kitchen paper holder made of a brass and a marble hexagon base

brass napkin holders

Side tables or storage baskets

Marble Shower curtain. They have marble wallpaper too, so chic.

nice kids pillows to decorate the kidsroom. Ferm living is available online and they shipworldwide.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Phone home

We have a new phone for our home. After having an oldfashioned homephone with a cord and 2 babies...not practical. I need to keep an eye on them all times.
I decided to get this pretty e-pure swiss phone, and I love it.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

My latest buys - Gold imperial glasses

I just received these gold beauties a few days ago. The above picture I took with my phone, is where I have my plates, glasses, vases and bowls. The gold glasses are vintage Sohi imperial Culver glasses that I purchased on Etsy and Ebay. Just amazing! Can´t understand why nobody makes these kind of glasses any more, they are so gorgeous. I found a lovely article about them here on the blog Tatter and Frey She has a lovely Etsy shop with vintage items to decorate your house here.
The other glasses more to the right are Vintage Culver glasses also but with a geometric pattern.

This collection is drop dead gorgeous. I am addicted now to start collecting more myself.
But I am already happy withe the ones I have and they look so good on my shelf!

Baby news update

Dear all, thank you for the patience! Today the 29th is Oliver´s 6 months milestone.
He is such a happy baby. Above picture big brother Matteo is giving a kiss.
So how is it to have to little ones you might ask? Ufff their a handfull, that´s why my lack of writing posts on my beloved blog. In the beginning there was some jalousy but now that Matteo is more involved in helping with baby Oliver he doesn´t show it that much. Matteo even advises me when the baby is crying I must check if Oliver has his pacifier...
Matteo starts talking better and better. Today when we were making a stroll in the city he was sitting on his daddy´s shoulders and he saw a short haired dog walking in front of them. Matteo said: daddy daddy, I can see the dogs butt, do you see it too?
I was just out of the blue, and I just had to laugh.

Dear Dad, happy birthday tomorrow the 30th of June! Love you
kisses from the 4 of us

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothersday

Dear Mom, I love you. You know I do and I know I cant say it enough times.

Also to all the other mommy´s on the globe, soon to be mommy´s and the mommy´s of sweet furry four legged animals.... HAPPY MOTHERSDAY

Saturday, May 10, 2014

office chairs

I am in need of new office chairs and I have been in love with white office chairs for a while. I have found one in particular that I love, but also comes with a expensive pricetag. As I need 4 chairs so that will be a no go.
I do came a cross a knock off version with a better price tag here at decosillas


another option will be a reproduction of the Eames chair, I love the original Eames chair, but for the office I need wheels. The idea to sit on a hard chair without any cushion, makes me rethink that. While brouwsing on the internet I found a company who produces wool felt cushions for these type of chairs

Really like them in pink or black.
source Pinterest

It´s a fifty-fifty situation. Wich option do you like most?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Emil Stejnar Starburst Chandelier

I am officialy an owner of this beautiful chandelier. I picked it up after doing some research on the internet. The seller, Edwin, had this one for sale as he already has a few of them installed in his house. I have been in LOVE with this vintage chandelier since years. Above picture is the clothes designer Betsey Johnson.
I am imagining various option where it could be. Maybe above a bar extension of a coocking island, or above our bed or dining tabe. Endless possibilities.
This lamp was designed by Emil Stejnar in 1950.
Many of these chandeliers are for sale on First Dibs

 This image comes from my most favorite blog Made By Girl, Jen the author visited the Kate Spade Boutique in NYC and they hace these chandeliers in their window display.

I wanted to thank Edwin for selling this chandelier to me, he was very patient as I could pick it up 2 weeks later. Edwin is a graphic designer and his wife Angelique is interior decorator. I have to say, it was one of the best decorated houses I have ever seen in my life! If you need a graphic designer or interior decorator, don't hesitate to contact them. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fish scale or scallop


Dear Hettiie and Jessica, thanks for motivating me and get me back to blogging. As you know my new experience of being a mom of a 2+ year old and a 4 month old baby had me very occupied. As we might move to a new place, lit up the fire of my desire to decorate a new place.
I absolutely love the fishscale pattern in tiles and pillows especially.
Something that caught my eye is a marble fishscale backsplash for on the kitchenwall.

I want this for my future house.

Gold scallop fabric from Caitlin Wilson is already on my wishlist. Have to wait untill the kids are a bit older so I am not affraid for dirty fingers or pensil stripes on my pillows.