Thursday, May 30, 2013

Parisian apartment

Thanks so much for all your well wishings on the new pregnancy! I am totally in awe with the lovely comments! 
I love Parisian apartments, many of them are with nicely decorated ceilings and walls and of course a marble fire place. They weather these days are rainy and cold and that is what attracted me to this apartment, dark, masculine but you can see yourself here with a an oversized cashmere sweater sipping a hot tea after you did your shopping in Le Marais district. Fortunately I have been many times to this romantic city and I can not get enough of it. I love Paris!

Another favorite is the herringbone floor.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

The reason of my absence lately...

Hello luv´s! This is the reason for my absence lately, and I am so happy I can finally say that I am 8 weeks pregnant! I have been telling friends these days and I am astonished many of them ask if we were looking for a second baby so soon? Yes we were. I always have wanted 2 kids. I grew up as a happy only child but believe me I would commit ....anything... to have a brother or a sister, so if you have brothers or sisters, treasure that! I am due in the beginning of January 2014, Matt will be almost 2 years then. I am bullied with nausea, and I forgot how it was to be pregnant in the first trimester, uuuuh.
Hopefully soon I feel a bit better and I am back to posting often. Yesterday I had a girl from London visiting our place, and I had to say I was a bit shy to show her around, with Matt now walking and running trought the house nothing is neat! The house is a mess, ooo what would it be with 2 kids? 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

little things

Especially the little things, the details and small gestures.
Keep appreciating them and you will be happy forever.
Today my son tried to give me his first kiss...

Monday, May 20, 2013

My petit Beau & the goats

A few weeks ago when we were on a short visit to Holland I snapped these cute pictures of Matteo during our visit at the goat farm that is in the heart of Amsterdamse bos ( Amsterdam forest) A lovely way to educate little children where milk and cheese comes from as they have all sorts of life stock as cows, ducks, ponys but especially goats.
If you visit Amsterdam with kids, please go to the goat farm for an unforgettable experience.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

White sofa

When I decorated our apartment for the first time, 10 years ago, I was very into the minimalistic theme until I discovered blogs and my style evolved ever since. Then sofa then bought was according to my then style, now I look at it and it does not move me.
I really crave a white sofa, really bad. I feel the urgent need to bring my sofa to a re upholsterer and have it delivered back to me in a pretty white fabric.
But having a 15 month old busy kid, will this be sofa suicide?
Anyone with a white sofa that can relate to me or that has a good tip? Please let me know.
This beautiful white sofa is of Danielle Moss apartment of Breakfast at toast. I am secretly wanting that gold scallop pillow cover from Caitlin Wilson textiles too.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sharon Monrose baby animals

I absolutely love the baby animal pictures I have in Matteo´s Nursery, we say good night to them
and sing them songs. The photographer behind these pictures is the talented Sharon Monrose of the animal print shop. As animals besides dogs can´t really pose, it´s fun but difficult job to get that perfect pic. I was reading this interview from one of my favorite blogs a cup of Jo.

the baby zebra is my new favorite!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We have a King!

You must have been laying underneath a rock if you don't know about the abdication of our Queen Beatrix, who was Queen for 33 years. The 30th of April was the last Queensday ever.
I am still proud of being from Holland, it's a lovely country and we love our monarchy. Maxima looked lovely with het dress made by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau. I am so proud Willem maried a beautifull Argentinian woman, we need dome latin spirit in this monarchy.

They had lunch at the Rijksmuseum, wich was currently opened to the public after many years of renovation.
I really like the gold Chiavari chairs, many times used for weddings and other festivitys...

Spanish Crownprince Felipe and Prinsess Leticia

Sorry Charles, you may frown your face, but it's still not your turn...

It was lovely to have witnessed this happening and we expect Willem to be a great King.
This was the last Queensday ever in History, next year we will have King's day the 27th of April 2014.