Tuesday, November 30, 2010

easy veggie salad

Do you know for sure that this Christmas you will be eating everything you are not supposed
to eat? I am trying to take it easy and prepared this veggie salad.
It contains:
-Mozzarella di Buffala
- baked Courgette
-baked mushrooms
-and a balsamico, oliveoil, salt and pepper dressing
Toss it all together and Enjoy!

Monday, November 29, 2010

6th street design giveaway

At 6th street design school is a wonderfull giveaway from Couture prints
Do you always have wanted a Keep Calm and Carry On print, than have a look on her website.
Couture prints have many different colours and prints, I like the Home sweet home print, but also she has a sweet abc print for a baby´s nursery.
Keep Calm and Carry On Poster Print 8 x 10 in Latte HALF OFF SALE
Home Sweet Home Art Print 5 x 7 Grey  HALF OFF SALE

ABC Alphabet 8 x 10 and Numbers 8 x 10 Poster Print Set in Boy Version HALF OFF SALE

Take care x

Spa weekend

This weekend my sweet guy had suprised me to take me out for a relaxing weekend to a wonderfull spa.
Some collegues of his reccomended him a famous spa in the smal town of Arnedillo in the Rioja region, called Hotel Spa Arnedillo.
Now looking to the images that i find on google, it looks fantastic, but when we arrived there friday afternoon, we were dissapointed. Inside the hotel it looked outdated and had the ambiance of an old hospital, most of the people that were there were over 80 years old and playing card games.
We had dinner, it was a buffet and it was a massproduction of meat and dry potatoes and some salad.
My boyfriend decided to call up another Spa where we had been before and wich we liked a lot called Castillo de Gorraitz, luckily they had a room available and treatments. We paid our dinner (100 dollars for the 2 salads! but at least they didn´t charged us the cancelation fee)  in Arnedilo and hurried to go to the lovely Castillo de Gorraiz.

Finally bliss! Castillo de Gorraiz is our most preferred spa in Spain. It´s located on a hill and has a magnificent fiew, it a couple of miles from Pamplona, wich is famouls for it´s running with the Bulls in the summer.
The rooms are so cozy luxury and full of little details like Etro soaps, super soft towels and robes and design and custom made furniture. Througout the hotel you will find many pieces of art and a huge open room with a fireplace, many sofa´s and staples of coffeetablebooks of paintors and designers.
The breakfasts are the best and every thing was fresh and homemade, with cut fruits, cut spanish ham with home made tomatosause for on your toast (pan tomaca) baked croissants, juices and so much more...
The Spa is lovely, it´s not huge but it is pure luxury, the different kind of sauna´s and waterpressure fountains and during your Spa time they will serve you fresh cut fruits and water and tea. The masages are done very professionally in nicely decorated cozy cabins and is the best one I have had so far.
And so much more.... and the best thing is that Castillo de Gorraiz is not more expensive than Arnedillo, it´s even cheaper and the quality is 100 times better.
If you are going to visit Pamplona, I recomend you to go to Castillo de Gorraiz.

All images of Castillo de Gorraiz hotel golf & Spa

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! As you may have seen a lot of turkey I posted this nice white diningarea, that I can imagine to be nice and festive decrated with delicious goodies.
Hope you all have a full warm belly and receive a lot of love from loved ones and family.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jewel, Jewel, Jewelry

image from martha steward

                                      Like the idea, here are diferent hooks used. One of them is the antropologie coral
                                        hook I posted about earlier.
image from peacockfeathers

These images made my day, I love to see well displayed jewelry, especially if you
place them in thriftstore found vintage cups and plates or a DIY bulletin board.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My New Love II

Today I received my new I phone 4.
I am very happy with it it looks so much more clear than the previous one.
I am going to read the instrucions to see what this baby can do and wich applications I should buy.
If you have an iphone, what would you recomend?

Monday, November 22, 2010

H&M home

After hearing that H&M home existed I have been checking it out online.

I must say that I really liked their pillows, especially the round ones as seen on the pictures above.
They have a relatively small catalogue for H&M home but knowing their clothes, I see a lot of potential for them to become a well established decorating chain around the world.
Have you bought anything from H&M home?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vogue print with zebra

Ever since I saw the vintage Vogue print that Ashlina from the decorista posted about, I was sold.
Vistit Ashlina´s blog the Decorista here.

I came across this 2011 calender of Vogue and it had the same print in it.
Now the month april is missing as I am going to find a frame for it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Well designed Spa in Amsterdam, Zuiver spa

This beautifull day spa and hotel only opened it´s doors recently and it´s beautifully decorated.

It´s called Zuiver spa and it´s located in Amsterdam. It´s high on my list to visit one day.
Zuiver Spa is near the Amsterdamse Bos urban park, wich is great for walks and cycling.
When there is nice weather you can sit out on the terrace with a drink from the bar and enjoy the sun.

                                                  Read more about Zuiver Spa

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Decorating with Lucite

Sara Gilbane, Anna Wolf Photography

                             acrylic lucite console table shoe stand shelf, white lamp and mirror.

                       Lucite is such a great decor piece. It makes chic impression.
                                Here the louis ghost chairs were used for in an office.

A lucite bench is used here. Other elements I like are the E pillow from Jonathan
Adler, and the mirrored nightstands.

Lucite console

Lucite tray from iomoi

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cheap and Chic design hotel in Paris

During our stay in Paris we were in the Mama Shelter Hotel wich is a funky, hip and cheap & chic hotel in the 20th arrondisement. It´s designed and owned by Philippe Starck and you can stay there for 120 euros for a double room.

This designed wich I admire has such a great sense of humor. You will find many ´´jokes´´around the hotel.
The rooms have lights with masks of shrek, obelix, asterix, superman etc and all the rooms have an imac tv who can make pictures of you if you want, you can brows through the pictures of other hotel guests.

picture from missdelite
 Their breakfasts are magnificent. Normally in france you get coffee, a croissant and some straberryjam, wich is delicious, but everyday the same gets boring, but this doen´t happen in Mama Shelter. They have fresh fruits, diffrent types of yoghurts, many kinds of bread, cereals, many tipes of drinks, eggs, sausages, other meat, pancakes and more....
                                                            Mr. Stark and me

I was very lucky to have met Philippe Starck himself at Mama shelter. He is been traveling the globe lately, and he was behind me in the restaurant. It was my boyfriend who recognized him, and told me I should take a picture with him, I am glad I did, Philippe was very kind.

Some things you see in the hotelroom, like the arty cups, masks, headphones and other nifty gadgets they sell it inside the hotel. At night the breakfast erea becomes the restaurant and without a reservation it´s difficult to get a table, it´s very popular at the moment, so do reccomend booking it in advance. Like us we didn´t made a booking so they placed us at the bar to have our dinner.

                         They also have a pizza bar where you can go without reservation.

They are well communicated with a busline that stops in front of the hotel and takes you to tuilleries, the Louvre museum and more.

I could go on and on, but I really recomend staying in this hotel.

Mama Shelter, 109 rue de Bagnolet, Paris 75020


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frames and Art

After seeing pictures like this, I get a feeling that I want to start collecting
art and pictures to make a similar wall above my sofa.
Right now it´s just an empty space and I would like to give it some personality.
You can mix gold, silver and black frames, the bolder the better.
One thing they must have in common, you must use the things that you love.

Nice and colourfull
mix and match

This one made me laugh, do you see the fish?

This must be the work of a pro!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

John Stefanidis

The first decoration book I bought 10 years ago is from John Stefanidis ´´Creating atmosphere, effect and comfort´´. By then I was already passionate about decorating.
In his book he shows the houses he decorated in New York, Florida, Californis, Rhode Island, the Carribean, France, Switzerland, Italy and Greece.
Hohn Stefanidis was born of Greek parents, talks about his life and his inspiration about becoming a decorator.