Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blog design LCY graphics

Have you noticed the new blog design? It´s made by Alaina from LCY graphics and she is the author of the lovely blog Live Creating Yourself
It was such a blast working with Alaina, she knew exactly what I wanted, and she is so profesional and talented.

Alaina´s house is so beautifull, have a look to the next images, you´ll love it!

Thanks Alaina, you have made me so happy with my new blog design, and your house is fantastic!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cozamia office

I came across Nancy´s blog called Cozamia, and i am impressed by the paintings she makes.

These next images are from her adorable office:

                                                   That´s a cute puppy face!
She bought this vintage credenza to organize her office

So pretty and colorfull right. If you would like to buy a print from Nancy, go and visit her shop here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So inspirational Color block - DIY

Theis above image from Brooke of just B was on my mind lately, she added a bit of orange fluor paint on her pouch and made it look lovely. Check out her DIY projest on her pouch.
I have seen this clutch over at other blogs and it made me fall head over heels,  it's from Clare Vivier
And because I have been in to fluors lately, I have DIY spay painted my ballerina flats.

                                                          Pictures taken with my iphone.

I have 2 pair of these ballerina flats, they have plastic mirrored noses, so I decided to DIY spraypaint one pair of them. Before you start spraying, first clean your shoes, ad a layer of primer so the colored paint adheres better. Spray them in any color you like them to be and Voila, a piece of cake!

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Miami hotel - lords southbeach


This hotel made me so curious, all those bright colours, I would like to check it out in person.
It's the Lords southbeach hotel based in Miami.






                                                                   via designsponge

Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet the Blogger event Amsterdam 2011

Last Saturday we had the meet the blogger event in the lovely Hotel V in Amsterdam.
It was very profesionally organized and it was great to meet the girls (and a boy) behind the blogs.
Decorate book displayed by the American Bookcenter
Diana from Aprracadabra Marlous from planet fur and another lovely fellow bloggers
Samira from Spraakwater, me and Iris from Irideeen
Ariani from H-arts
We all wanted this new book
Decorate book made and signed by Holly from decor8

Booksigning Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick at the American Bookcenter
Who else was at the meet the blogger event:
Meet the blogger event was organized Lise from Urban style vibes
Janneke from Bolwol also helped organizing the event
talented artist Mariska Meijers
Maaike from Orange farmhouse
2 blogger firends Sas & Suus from moois en meer
Arianna from Arianna Interiors
Arianna Tripani from Heart Home Magazine
Monique from 101 woonideen
Franca from Villa d'esta interieur en ontwerp
spansor Lily's cupcakes - very yummy
and sponsor Flavourites
and so many more....
Thanks for this great event, looking forward to next year! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friendship bracelets

Sorry for being offline for 2 days, after the not being able to upload any pictures, I have been doing some creative things, but I have to admit, I have missed posting, I am addicted in a good way.
So what has kept me busy...they have been all over blogland, the friendship bracelets...
as being a first degree bracelet addict, I could stop wanting them. So I have made a few of them myself.
I will make a few more, perhaps sell them if anyone wants one.
Please let me know, as I love to make these darlings!
p.s. tomorrow I´ll be at the meet the blogger event in Amsterdam!
Enjoy your weekend and come back monday with a smile on your face!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post with no images

Hmmm, I couldn´t post today, I wasn´t able to upload pictures!
I LOVE to post something different everyday, and I do not have any drafts saved waiting to be posted,
I write something everyday, depends on my moods and inspirations.
But BLOGGER makes blogging difficult sometimes...
Does someone experienced the same problem, or do you know what to do?
I´ll try it later again.
Love Chantal

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

dreaming of a beach house

Yesterday afternoon it was such hot weather that after work Beau Boyfriend and me went to the beach.
I was dreaming of a house on the beach, like these ones:

I will keep on dreaming.....

last 2 pictures taken with mi Iphone, our favorite beach, and beau boyfriend going to catch some waves.