Thursday, January 31, 2013

Zuny animals

This Nursery is just what I like, stokke crib, jonathan Adler lamps, Sharon Montrose animal pictures, white rocker chair...and the Zuny bookcase holders. The Zuny animals are very sweet, and they are a nice piece of decoration in a nursery.

Cute righ? Visit their online store

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

O´verlays love

I absolutely love O´verlays, I wrote about my O´verlays before. I keep checking them out and every time they have more splendid DIY make overs and IKEA hacks. Their customers have excellent taste and I appreciate the fact that thanks to O´verlays we can update a not so good looking piece or a plain ikea piece of furniture with little money and give it a designer look.

How about the above Ikea hack, O´verlays sells these thick Greek key corners to make the simple shelving unit so pretty. It´s the shelving unit called VITTSJO, costs 70 dollars.

vistit O´verlays

Monday, January 28, 2013

Porchlight design

Porchlight Interiors is a small design company from Brisbane.
I enjoyed seeing their portofolio.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Garland me happy

 This is instant and natural anti depressive, to own a garland that pretty gets you into a joyful party mood right away. These pretty things are made by Jessica and she sell them in her Etsy Shop Jessica Renee. She does custom design as well, just tell her the colors that you like and she will make you a special one. They are great for on the wall behind your bed or sofa or in your office.

Look at the adorable little yorkie, so sweet.

Monday, January 21, 2013

New creations - Leonor Designs

This weekend with some cups of tea, coffee and whine, we made some more beautiful creations.
Have a look for yourself at Leonor Designs facebook page or our blog.

Friday, January 18, 2013

6th street design school

Hello what a wonderfull day! Kirsten from 6th street design school posted today about our home.
Please visit her post here.
Thank you Kirsten, I am very humbled.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things around the Beau Lifestyle´s house

In Mexico I bought this vivid colored Otomi table runner that I have placed on the armchair in Matteo´s room. It really ads a nice happy touch to his room.  You have them also in one single color like red, blue green...but for kids I like the multi colored ones. They don´t come cheap, neither in Mexico, paying tourist prices, you can easily order them online and have them shipped to your house.

Got these 2 pretty glasses at Zara home, and wow...they have pretty stuff on Sale, It was difficult walking out the shop only with 2 glasses. I have to return as they have a beautiful carpet 50% off for Matteo´s room. As in the glass it´s the bargello print. These glasses come in handy for my make up brushes and my hair elastics. The hair elastics we make ourselves with and without the gold CC logo. If you like them, please visit Leonor Designs and let us know.

One wish of mine was owning black velvet clothes hangers. As I couldn´t find them here and I found overseas shipping for these too expensive, I jumped up of joy when I came across these hangers in Primark. They were on sale and for 10 of them I paid 3,90 euros! Got a bunch of them and will change them all in my closet. Do you know Primark? Primark is a huge chain shop with affordable and fashionable clothes, accessories and things for the home.

Got this pretty and huge custom made month planner from Etsy for on our fridge. With a baby in the house we can now schedule our appointments and things to do! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blog shop sweet things and luvocrazy

I discovered a sweet blog called ´´Shop sweet things´´ the author Jeanne Chan is a pretty gal with amazing taste. I like her post about: sweet things under 20 (dollars) and her post about 10 tips for first year bloggers. She has also a luvocrazy site, It´s a bit like Pinterest, you collect all products you love ( and want), they are linked to the websites where you can buy them and you earn rewards when people buy what you reccomend. About the rewards, I am not so interested, what I find more interesting is that you can directly go to the website or shop where to get it. Sometimes in Pinterest you can´t find the source of something you really really like and that is quite frustrating.

I just requested an invite for Luvocrazy

 Go and visit Jeanne her blog!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Latest creations...

Me and Patricia have been very busy making more creation for our little business Leonor designs.
We are opening our webshop, more about that soon!
Visit us on facebook and our blog

We made these pom pom shoes
                            The now owner of our pom pom shoes is blogger Guccisima
                                     visit her blog as she wears very pretty outfits.
If you would like one of our creations or a custom design, please contact us at:

And...our boy Matteo turned 10 months, and soon we will be having his 1st birthday party! He grows up so incredibly fast. Almost walking and welcoming us with dadadaaa aitaitaa in his own language...

Friday, January 11, 2013

tortoise shell

I have been obsessed with this picture ever since I saw it. The tortoise shell on the wall is such a statement piece. As a huge animal lover I wouldn´t want to have one if I knew the turtle was killed to make it a decor object, only if the animal passed away of age.

Next images are some good options for other animal lovers:

The last picture is a paper march one that you can buy from West Elm. You get the look and the feeling for a better price without hurting one of the worlds precious animals.

This pretty one is from the collection of Nate Berkus for Target. All blogland went coocoo over Target´s items, they have an high end look for a nice price. Get yours when you can.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tulum Mexico

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying 2013. I have had so may things going on.
We have spend our Christmas in the most marvelous place called Tulum Mexico. I am in Love with that place. We were there in high season, and all hotels were full. Cause each hotel only has a few cabana´s, the beaches are empty the same time. So fun! We went without baby Matt, it was good to have couple time, and I advise every mommy or daddy with a baby, go away without your baby and come back home as a better mom and dad.
We visited a dear friend Masha who lives there.
We stayed at Coco hotel Tulum, very recomendable. A nice place nearby was Posada Margherita, best breakfasts, fresh pasta´s and a pretty place to stay as well. 
We were there during the most famous 21st of december when the Mayan calendar ended...we have heard good party´s all around but stayed relaxing on the beach.

You can go anywhere on the rented bikes they have, so fun!

Fresh coconuts everyday

Our cabana

Vieuw of the cabana´s on the beach

wondering if I could bring a piƱata home...

Yoga classes in the morning, the best I ever had and oh..surrounded by tropical trees!