Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary Halloween

(Happy) Scary Halloween, guess many of you are busy tonight. Here in Spain we do not really celebrate it, we have a day off from work tomorrow which is not bad either.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Goyard obsessions

1. osborn and little wallpaper / 2. goyard bowl / 3. St. Louis tote / 4. Hong Kong pillow from Caitlin Wilson

Who share the love for this pattern with me? I fell in love with this pattern a couple op times, and hope to add this pattern in my house.  p.s this is my first made moodboard...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

what I loved this week - inexpensive brass details

I thought this is a great DIY idea, I am always in for a good Ikea hack, but this got me excited. These lack tables are cheap, I never wanted one, because they looked too plain, but Jenny from Little Green Notebook added these inexpensive brass corners, and voila, they look amazing! This is a great deal for starters  who just moved in to a new house, spend all their money on a bathroom, sofa and painting the house and then don´t have money left for a coffee table. Now there isn´t any excuse anymore!

Bri from you me and a wiener added these brass decorative brackets to her Ikea Lack shelves, and it has the wow factor as the coffee tables.
Thanks girls for this great inspiration, I´ll be on the hunt for shiny brass brackets!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our baby´s name - Matteo

A little post to share the baby´s name with you.
Baby Matteo is kicking around, I am such a happy mom to be!
Soon my mother will come to Spain and we are going to decorate the nursery together.
I have to admid I enjoy dressing the belly with nice shirts and laces, this shirt is a shirt from Zara.

Paris experience

The trip to Paris was great! I stayed in a small hotel, near place de la Bastille, the place were the workshop was held, in a nice characteristic photo studio. Friday I had some time to wander around and get to know the area. It was so close to Le Marais, that in fact didn´t knew so well, as previous trips to Paris I seem to visit the same places. Le Marais was an eye opener, beautifull big buildings and houses from the year 1500 that now are turned in to musea´s, in those same streets there were tons of gorgeous boutiques like Sandro, Les comptoir des cottoniers, Ba&SH, Manoush, Annick Goutal, Diptique and lots more...
I have walked for hours in those little streets around rue vieille du temple and also discovered a little street, Rue des Rosierswith many jewish eateries and falafel restaurants, noticing the huge queue in front of L´as du Falafel, I decided to try one, I must admit, probably the best one I have ever had.

Saturday and Sunday we had the Blogshop Workshop, really recommendable, best money I have spend this year. It was one little dream come true, I have always wanted to learn how to use Photoshop but never wanted to apply for a yearly course. Being creative, and not being able to express that in posts was a bit frustrating. Blogshop comes to the point and Bri and Angela have thought only the most important and useful things to know about Photoshop.
I got super enthusiastic after following Bri´s blog called Lovedesignfest, if you see the pretty posts she makes you´ll get excited too.
The girls that attended Blogshop were amazing, such a good mix of interesting personalities and from many different countries. We were all highly motivated to soak up all the information possible.
We were treated with healthy vegetarian lunches, and we had our pictures taken by Angela to photoshop them. We had to bring a prop, so I decided to bring a french bread and ditto hat.
For me those 2 days passed by a little too fast, it was a blast. Hopefully soon Angela and Bri, post pictures on the Blogshop blog, as I didn´t had any time to shoot them myself.

Monday I had some time before I left, to sit in the sun in Tuilleries garden and stroll around in my favorite street Rue St. Honoré, where I like to check out the newest gadgets in Colette store.
Beau Boyfriend told me to go and buy my birthday present in the Goyard store, as the bag that was on my wish list is not available in Spain. I was as happy as a kid to pick up the bag, now it´s hidden in the house and I will not get to use it until February next year!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blogshop Paris

I can say it was a dream to have taken part to such an unique workshop. Bri and Angela are very good and patient teachers, I have asked so many questions, I must have driven them crazy! I was happy to meet so many talented international ladies in my class, they flew in from all over the world.
I´ll post about the workshop more tomorrow as I am soo tired after travelling.
And Laduree, they were delicious, especially the rosebud and vanilla are my favourites!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Soon to come - bracelets

I am actually sitting in class of Blogshop wichis great! Tons of information, I am trying
to keep up, with my 0 experience of photoshop.
This image above is one of the first things I have created by myself.
The bracelets are made by me and Patricia, we are opening a little Etsy shop soon.
This is just an idea of what we are making.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Packing and traveling to Paris

Yay, the moment has come, I have to pack my suitcase and tomorrow I´ll be up early to travel to Paris. Saturday and Sunday I´ll be attending Blogshop.
I´ll be back by tuesday next week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

yoga today

My belly is betting big! I have to rush out the door, have yoga classes.
Soon I´ll post some pics.
Lova ya!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6th street design school

 6th street design school is one of my daily reads, and I was totally in awe when I saw these pictures.
from Kristen Krason, these are the images of the new Adore magazine, Yes I am late to check it out Adore magazine, I have been laying under a rock!

The colors, the view and the LAMPS, amazing

I wanted to say thank you to Kirsten, She was the first one to believe in my blog and to add it on to her blogroll. She is a wonderfull blogger, decorator and mom, all together a great example for me.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hat boxes vintage and new

I hope you have had a great weekend! We had a relaxing weekend, saturday it was so sunny we decided to go to the beach, which is amazing it´s already mid october!
I wanted to share my love for hatboxes, they are so great to store anything and they add some chicness to any wardrobe.

I came across this vintage blue hatbox form an Etsy shop, it looked so much like the first image that I found on Pinterest.
Black and white vintage hat box on ebay

Etsy did it again

These above 3 images are form Zara home if you prefer a new hat box, these are great.
I use my hatboxes for stocking, panty hoses and scarfs, just an idea.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

bubbly time

 I am curious to see baths that stand alone in a bathroom, especially when they are in a room that doesn´t look like a bathroom: wooden floors, chandeliers, bedroom and vintage furniture...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You´ll know where to find me in Paris - Laduree

Next week I´ll be in Paris for the Blogshop workshop and I can´t wait to put my teeth in those delicious Laduree macarons, yummm. I am looking forward to see Paris again. I love wandering the streets, get lost and find the sweetest little boutiques. Then whenever I want to know where I am, find a nice brasserie and
with a cafe au lait search the old fashioned big map of the city, to find my way back to the hotel again.

These happy colored macarons are even pretty enought to frame it and hang it on the wall.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feeling the color Green

Last Saturday we send the day outdoors visiting villages with friends and having a good spanish lunch.
Cause seeing all the beautiful nature I was inspired to add a bit more green to my decor.
The silver bolw with base i bought from esty seller Harmonicajane

I used the Malachite planter for nuts, easy access for when we watch movies.

So happy with my painting from Bri of you, me and a wiener

Latest purchase a vintage malachite plate to match the planter

Our saturday posing in front of a waterfall, i just picked fresh parsely

Monday, October 10, 2011

It´s a boy!!!

Yay! We are going to have a baby boy! Yesterday we organized a revealing party.
We invited a small group of family and closest friends to cut the baby cake with us.
From the outside the cake was white, and only the cake maker knew if it was going to be a boy or a girl, so we were equally surprised to find out the gender of the baby.

these first 2 pictures is both of us happy but tired after the people left, we totally forgot to film it

Trough Skype my parents were able to see it too!
Now I can start decorating the nursery finally!

Friday, October 7, 2011

New blog love - Easthetic Oiseau

I discoverd Daniela´s blog Easthetic Oiseau a couple of days ago and, not only do we share a huge love for chinoiserie things she follows many blogs I like too.
Her are a few pictures from the blog that made me happy.

pops of green, purple and leopard

that mirror!

Great style huh, this is a blog to follow!