Tuesday, November 25, 2014

turtle shell

I have been in love ever since I layed my eyes on the Turtle shell decoration of Kelly Wearstler (she is a genius) I blogged about them here before.  She used resin turtle shells at the Tides restaurant.
I love animals so much, I couldn´t harm a fly, I would only accept having one of these if they were resin or an antique one....
I have seen them while diving in tropical waters, such magnificent animals. I would´t be happy that this becomes the next decor must have item and that people start capturing them for people to have them hanging on the walls. So if you are interested get a resin one that looks authentic or an antique one that is over 100 years.

I like them hanged on the wall or on a pretty stand.

Monday, November 24, 2014

new office needs new supplies

Hello everyone, I have butterflies in my stomach as I am going to move to a new office.
A new office that is a lot bigger and gives me a new start & a breath of fresh air.
Looking for new office desks I have a few to share with you.
I absolute love brass. But as brass desks come with a expensive price tag, I am thinking about doing a nice DIY and spray paint the legs in a metallic gold to achieve the brass look.
This beautiful Ikea hack is done by blogger Just Bella
She used an old ikea table of 49 euros and a few pieces of wood and metallic gold paint.

This gorgeous Addison desk is of West Elm, a little out of my price range but very lovely.

Another favorite, white lacquered and brass legs

crossed legs desk from Overstock