Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Upholstery projects

The first post I placed on my blog a few months ago, was about two faux bamboo armchairs that I had and wanted to upholster with fabric cross section corcoal from Calicocorners, well it´s finally done!!!
                                                                This is the result:
i have 2 of these armchairs, They look fresh and clean. I do have to repair the
legs with white paint, during transport they got damaged.
                                                     I do love the way it is upholstered.

This is a picture of what it was before

Another project that I don´t have a before picture of ( I am such a quick DIY-er i always
hurry up to get it going that I forget to take pictures of it before)
Anyway try to imagine a chair with simple white fabric.
And look what it is now:
Ain´t it pretty, this upholstered Louis armchair with the nailhead trim?
This chair I bought when I was 18 for my first apartment and fabric at a market back in Amsterdam.
I have no idea where this goes, for now I will leave it it my office untill I find the perfect place for it.

Now rember my first upholstery project I did about a black wing back chair with white piping?
read about it here
When I bought that chair at the thriftshop, my mother in law found it silly and dirty, she
doesn´t understand that with upholstering you make it ´´new´´ again.
My mother in law throws away furniture, and she never ever had entered a thriftshop in her life.
When I got the wingbackchair delivered to my office, she changed opinion and told me she
wanted to have that chair for herself, so it went to her house.

I have found, YES FOUND 2 beautifull, heavy and superior quality armchairs a few weeks ago
on the street near my house!
(again, don´t have before pictures, the fabric was worn only)
and got them reupholstered in black with white piping again.
I did liked that look.
Now these stay in my office for when I have visitors.

Those legs are so detailed, they look like lion paws.
The upholsterer was so sweet to make me 2 matching pillows as a gift.

Ok this is not such a good picture, but I wanted to show you the height of my office, do you
see the curtain behind the chairs? Behind the curtain is where I keep stock and other stuff that I don´t want to see all the time. This curtain is another DIY project made on the sewing machine by my mother and my father
hang up the rod. The fabric was purchased at IKEA and it´s Gunvor.

I did all the chairs at one and got a discount, but even so my DIY budget decreased, now I have to
go get back to work, but will have a smile on my face seeing these pretty chairs.


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Oh nice! I love it! :)))))))

Beau lifestyle said...

haha, thanks! I was able to get one bamboo armchair home, today the other. This weekend i will shoot images of our almost finished apartment. Hope you like it.

Unknown said...

Where do you get your fabric? love the grey rose!