Friday, November 12, 2010

Cheap and Chic design hotel in Paris

During our stay in Paris we were in the Mama Shelter Hotel wich is a funky, hip and cheap & chic hotel in the 20th arrondisement. It´s designed and owned by Philippe Starck and you can stay there for 120 euros for a double room.

This designed wich I admire has such a great sense of humor. You will find many ´´jokes´´around the hotel.
The rooms have lights with masks of shrek, obelix, asterix, superman etc and all the rooms have an imac tv who can make pictures of you if you want, you can brows through the pictures of other hotel guests.

picture from missdelite
 Their breakfasts are magnificent. Normally in france you get coffee, a croissant and some straberryjam, wich is delicious, but everyday the same gets boring, but this doen´t happen in Mama Shelter. They have fresh fruits, diffrent types of yoghurts, many kinds of bread, cereals, many tipes of drinks, eggs, sausages, other meat, pancakes and more....
                                                            Mr. Stark and me

I was very lucky to have met Philippe Starck himself at Mama shelter. He is been traveling the globe lately, and he was behind me in the restaurant. It was my boyfriend who recognized him, and told me I should take a picture with him, I am glad I did, Philippe was very kind.

Some things you see in the hotelroom, like the arty cups, masks, headphones and other nifty gadgets they sell it inside the hotel. At night the breakfast erea becomes the restaurant and without a reservation it´s difficult to get a table, it´s very popular at the moment, so do reccomend booking it in advance. Like us we didn´t made a booking so they placed us at the bar to have our dinner.

                         They also have a pizza bar where you can go without reservation.

They are well communicated with a busline that stops in front of the hotel and takes you to tuilleries, the Louvre museum and more.

I could go on and on, but I really recomend staying in this hotel.

Mama Shelter, 109 rue de Bagnolet, Paris 75020

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