Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are you kidding me? - Adore home magazine

Some things are ment to be, for example in the last week I have seen this coffeetable 4 times in different places: at an antique market, on the web, Spanish decor magazine AD and now on the cover of Adore magazine. They described it as a Bamileke stool/ coffeetable that is named after an African tribe and
they sell it in Australia at ecochic, here is spain it is called Babauki coffeetable.
I just found it funny that I could imagine this table, when I saw it at the antique market, in a nicely decorated livingroom, like the one of Adore home.
I am amazed that big furniture producers haven´t picked up this table to reproduce in different colours, for it to become just as popular as the chinese ceramic garden stools for example.
I woke up today thinking of writing some post about MOR beautyproducts and about the Nende Ribbon stool, guess what, they are both in the Adore magazine. Even as my most favorite blog Made by girl.
     If you haven´t seen her beautifull paintings yet, please check it out on the site Cocoa & Hearts

Another favorite is Australian interior designer Ana Spiro, where she showed her beautifull storeBlack and Spiro filled with colourfull goodies and furniture. You can also visit her blog Absolutely Beautifull things, that had a recent makeover.

Another love was a story about Noosa in Australia. Noosa is my most favorite place in Australia (they call it the Australian Hamptons) and it stole my heart when we want there 5 years ago. Beau boyfriend and me travelled along the Australian coast. I have never seen such bright pink and orange sunsets and the Australian nature is amazing.
Ok, I am drifting...Adore magazine wrote about a decor shop called Signature on Hastings (I have been in that shop! and bought some candles, soaps and spoons) Such a coincidence...

Adore magazine also wrote about the Viceroy hotel, wich is high on my must visit list, yummy crepes receipes and other interior bloggers homes.

All things I love, it looked liked they had a peek in my head, and it felt like a birthday suprise with many aha moments...Thank you Adore magazine


Jessie said...

Love the cover of Adore mag, that space looks fabulous particularly with that beautiful chest of drawers!

Have a wonderful day!


Unknown said...

I need to check it out still! Can't wait!

Get the table!

Andee @ www.diamondstylingonadime.blogspot.com said...

Love the table! For those of us who are diamond styling on a dime, check this out: http://www.worldmarket.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11095237

Although it's a side table the look and price are right.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

aww thank you. It's a great issue that's for sure. I love that table too- great taste!!


PinkCoffie said...

The table is super gorgeous <3 maybe is destiny for real and you should get one? :) Loving this issue of Adore. Xoxo

Urska @