Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back home

Sorry for not posting these days, hope you had a great weekend!
My beau boyfriend took me on a trip and we spend friday till monday out.
Monday was a national holiday here in Spain, at least that what I thought it was until I received some phone calls from customers from the south of Spain, who were working.
To give you an idea how lazy my weekend was, here is a pic I took with my Iphone.
We stayed in one of Spain many Paradores. Paradores are mostly castles and other historic buildings
that they turned into hotels and to have a lovely stay and enjoy their ancient history.
Have a look on their Parador website. Think about visiting at least one whenever you are going to visit Spain.
During our trips visiting nearby villages we can across many pilgrims who were walking the Camino de Santiago.
It was a great weekend with good food and a lot of sun bathing.


Iris (Iridee├źn) said...

Oh wat fijn! Tijdens onze huwelijksreis een paar jaar geleden sliepen we ook in allemaal verschillende paradores in Andalusie. Geweldige hotels!
x Iris

Unknown said...

Sounds absolutely delightful! I will remember that when I am lucky enough to travel to Spain.

Anonymous said...

These are such amazing interiors. I love the first photo with the dog wallpaper.