Monday, August 1, 2011

A cup of may in Adore magazine

Hi everyone, I feel a lot better!  My Beau Boyfriend took such good care of me, lucky to have such a great guy in my life.
This sunday I was able to paint the bedsidetable that I found a few months ago, i painted it white and have to add some gold ring pulls. When it´s finished I will dedicate a post about this latest DIY.
I have discovered yet another sweet blog, A Cup of Mai.
This talented lady has a gorgeous bedroom that was published on Adore´s lastest issue, called Mai´s budget makeover.

she cooks yummy dishes

she makes delicious cocktails

and she likes to paint her nails in pretty colours
I am so amazed by the images she makes for her blog, they are of such good quality.
Being a blogger is one thing, being a good photographer changes everything.
I am going to try to make some of her dishes.
want know more about Mai, visit her blog A cup of Mai.
Now I am going to check out the rest of Adore magazine....

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