Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yesterday was a fun day having the day off, being creative is a good outlet! I did manage to make some nice jewelry, soon to be launched in our upcoming little etsy shop.

At night I decided to spoil Beau boyfriend with a masculin beautynight, he deserved it as he works a lot!
I gave him a facial, start with the part that hurts the most, pressing pimples, wich i love doing, then a manly manicure, a pedicure and a back massage! He liked it a lot, even fell a sleep at the end...gotta spoil him more often with these things.

Back to my passion, seeing lovely interiors. As the weather starts getting colder I like the color red in interiors, as it is a warm color.

Do you like red?

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Melissa Crochet said...

Absolutely! Every room needs a touch of red and a touch of black to give it an edge.