Monday, March 19, 2012

Buying online sometimes *peeps* me out!

Hope you have had a good weekend? I think I never wrote a negative email before in my blogging history, but I need to clear my hear as I am a bit dissapointed buying things online. It all started with 2 ceramic white stools, wich I can not find anywhere here in Spain and I needed them for a project, so decided to buy them from overseas. These beauties are not cheap especially shippingcosts with DHL are expensive as they are big and weight a lot. The company I bought them from are specialized in shipping overseas, so you guessed they know how to pack their stuff right. I bought 2 and they arrived broken, shattered into pieces like a puzzle.
this is what I had delivered.

white they should be

Then I wanted to order baby birth announcement cards, I signed up, choose my design, uploaded the picture and all this takes time...then headed for check out...and error. No way being able to order them grrr
I think if you have a online shop this should not be possible. You have to make it as easy as possible for a client to buy what he wants.

I wanted to buy 2 friend bracelets, tried to order them via the facebook site to get a good deal, I even had to LIKE the site before i was able to buy and again before checkout it hit error, over and over again. Then I contacted them by email, got an answer that yes I was able to buy them, I was awaiting an paypal invoice. When I logged in to pay, the invoice was cancelled due to a student project that was finished, eventhough I am trying to buy these things online since a few days already. Come on people give me a break. I am doing my best to be a cusomer and you are giving me a hard time here. There must be some buy online curse on me. So no more buying online any more...I return to the stores for some good old SERVICE that I am missing a lot. I hope all these things get solved, if so I will keep you up to date.
Do you have suffered bad buying online experiences?

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Jessie said...

I feel sorry for your unfortunate online purchases especially those stools. Did you contact the online store to resolve this problem? There's no harm trying. I seldom buy things online so I haven't encounter a really bad online shopping experience.