Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lonny magazine

Hello everyone, you might ask where have you been? I have been ill, I still am. Sinusitis, Gastritis, name it and I have had them these days, also baby Matteo was sick and now mr Beau got it too.
I am recovering and happily sitting behind my computer sharing this pretty picture from the march edition of the Lonny magazine.
I am still loving the combination of lucite and gold, snake skin tray, cow hide and that desk+chair, just beautifull. Only thing I would change is the lamp, too granny style for this space.
I like to see how other organize their jewelry

the comination of a vintage table painted in white + woodern modern stool

wihbone back chairs and armchairs at the dining table
check out Lonny for yourself,

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myrna said...

Wasnt this issue of Lonny to die for? Sorry to hear you've been ill, hope youre feeling better now!!