Monday, June 24, 2013

back and healthy!

Sorry for my absence, these last days were like a roller coaster, sick, better, sick, better....
I needed to take a break from my computer and rest.
Now I am getting back to be my old self again. I made a few beauty appointments, take good care of what I eat and try to have our house organized, a few ingredients to my happiness.
It´s amazing how eating effects your mood and body. I am more energetic & happy.
In the mornings I make fruit and vegetable juices, I eat less meat, started to add chia seeds in my drinks. Just a few of the changes I have been doing lately.

Mr Beau was out for a week, on a boys only surfing trip in the Maldives. Surfing and snorkeling with the Dolphins, Manta rays and turtles...he had such a huge smile on his face when he came back, and was crazy to see his little Matteo again. Both of them took me out for dinner!
Happy to be back, love u guys!